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BossWolf's Den is NOT the drive-thru window at McDonald's. Nor is it the Express Lane at The Supermarket (I don't care how many items you've got)! This site is animation and audio intensive - so - if you don't have more than a few minutes to allow the pages to load.... PLEASE come back again, when you can STAY AWHILE! Those of you who are BRAVE enough and have the time to spend here.... prepare yourself for a good time.
Take a deep breath, while you still can!

Wipe the cobwebs from the entrance way and we will......

In addition to WAV format sounds - many of the audio files in BossWolf's Den are now available in streaming RealAudio format. They are of better quality and faster loading than before. If you don't already have it - get the free RealAudio G2 player available by clicking on the RealAudio icon.

Vocals recorded by BossWolf's Daughter!

BossWolf is by no means an Astronomy expert.
With the celestial events that occured back in 1997,
he couldn't help but want to be involved.
So, click here to see BossWolf's own Comet picture!

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Audio from the now defunct GumboNet Archive


Come on in!

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