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mjdj writes:
"you are a fucking son of a bitch to call keanu an anti-christ.. you're very vicious accusation that he is like the devil is most certainly not true... he IS NOT the devil ressurected or any horrible creature for that matter...he is a wooden actor.. a fab bass player end of story.. if you ask me you're the fuckign screwed up devil! so screw you and you're homepage sux like shit... the only good thing about it are the cool picso f keanu which only make him look cooler than ever"

Tica McGarity adds:
"For the person who wrote this shit about Keanu Reeves. You are an idiot! You over religous Bastered. Keanu is a nice man and he has never tried to harm anyone. People like him and you should leave him alone. River Phionex was his best and closets friend. When he died, Keanu was very hurt about it. What he does with his life gives you no reason to suggest he is some kind of devil worshipper. There is no evidence. Get a life you fucking Moron."

Ryan/RMC writes:
"I had a great laugh reading your page! Do you write comedy for a living, or is it just a hobby? (*read above with heavy sarcasim*)---> You are such a moron, how do people like you function in society? You need to reject religion and the god myth. Cheers!"

Cecilia Wang writes:
"You are fucked!! You ass, you better take off that stupid web page cause you are an ass!! Keanu is such as a nice guy, I for one know. You must be a bastard that has nothing to do. You probably have no life, and you're jelous that Keanu is so GOOD looking and nice and smart!! If I were you, I'd take off the web page or else you'll be sorry. BASTARD!! I feel sorry for you cause you're a wacko who doesn't have a fucking life or any fucking idea who Keanu is. You're one of the biggest losers. You are truly fucked up and you need your head checked. Asshole!"

David Fike adds:
Whomever is responsible for this trash, you are either a drugged out desperate freak, or a pathetic idiotic religious monkey whose parents obviously screwed something up bigtime. Whichever it is, check in to a hospital, stop taking heroin and start taking prozac. You're a pathetic excuse for space.

Kelly Reed suggests:
Do you have any idea what the words slander and libel mean? Keep it up and I imagine you'll find yourself in a huge law suit with the people you write this junk about. Get a life and a real job.

Gwenyll writes:
(Sept. 12)
Are you nuts????!!!!! Keanu is one of the sweetest, most caring, nicest, most intelligent people around. I mean, you can have your opinions, i respect that, but why are you so convinced that he's the "devil"? I don't even believe in satan. I'm a Taoist, and I found it VERY offending what you said about some of the philosophers that i believe in. I have no problem with people of other religions, as long as they don't try to convert me. All of the things you said about Keanu were almost laughable. If I didn't feel so sorry for you, I might be mad. Would the so-calles "anti-christ" have done all the charity work for the Holocaust foundation? Or let me guess, it's a front right? It's sad the way some people(i.e. you) get so wrapped up in other people and their lives that they feel they have to invent these twisted stories. Why can't you just accept Keanu Reeves for who he really is.....a loving, giving person. And one hell of an actor. And by the way, Keanu isn't Chinese, he's Japenese. If you're going to accuse someone, at least get the facts straight. I'd really appriciate you writing back, after all, i read your entire page, just for a laugh. I'm sure you're just bombarded with loving fans, but try to give me at least a quick response. Maybe Keanu and I are both the anti-christ, after all, we do both speak what's on our minds. With deepest sympathy for your pathetic life..........Coral

(Sept. 13)
Actually, I didn't write that, my mom did. I did visit your website though. It was actually kind of funny. Anyway, thanks for the entertainment!!!........Coral

(Sept. 15)
That's because she's a fruit. I would take credit for that letter, it was awesome. I guess since she was on under my screen name she signed my name. Like I care what you think. You are pathetic if you have nothing better to do than make joke websites about keanu reeves being the anti christ

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