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Welcome to my page. This page mainly consists of good images and a few reasonable downloads such as mIRC for both Windows 95/NT and Windows 3.X. 

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Please click on the Icon to Download as netscape are now giving it away in competition with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01. 

On this page you will also find a load of Microsoft Jokes by all means copy them, distribute them publish them!! The world really need to know what Microsoft is really like!. 

This Page was created with Netscape Composer which is a product that comes with Netscape communicator when you down load it. It takes about 1 hr to down load the whole of the file as it is so large well 10.7Mb it will be quicker if you use a 56.6k Modem. 

The titles and link captions were created in Microsoft Word using the Word Art Program and then copied over to Pain Shop Pro and converted into GIF's there or using the Xtra 3D program which you can download  here. 

I think that you will like the game of Tetris for windows that you can download  here. 
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 Please feel free to download any of the software that I have on this page or linked to from this page. All of the stuff that is for down load is either free or is only a trial version.

If you would like to chat just whack your mouse on the chat button below and it will take you to a simple identity page where it will ask you for your name etc... The talker that I usually use is  TalkCity and that is the one that I have linked to on my page. you can usually find me in #College Talk or #Christian This also works better if using :

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 On my links page you will find links to my favorite websites and also to lots of my friends websites.

Whack your mouse on this next link to go to my Jokes page. There are only a few Jokes up here at the moment but there will be some more soon. Most of them I hope will be about Microsoft.

Also I have quite a soft spot for Sandra Bullock like many of you Guys out there!!! If you want to see some really good Pictures of Sandra click on my "Picture" logo below:

Also there is a page with some information about Sandra Bullock to please whack you mouse on the button below if you wish to view it


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