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Greetings and felicitations!! Welcome to my home page. My name is Norm and after collecting Star Trek memorabelia for 15 years I have decided to get out of the hobby. My collection covers all areas of Star Trek and The Next Generation. Please take some time and examine the items in my collection, then if you have any questions, feel free to E-mail me.


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The Franklin Mint

Commissioning PlaqueSOLD
Chess Set (TOS) SOLD
Checkers SetSOLD

  • The Trouble With TribblesSOLD
  • City On The Edge Of ForeverSOLD
  • Kirk In Captains ChairSOLD
Die Cast EnterpriseSOLD
3-D Chess SetSOLD
  • EnterpriseSOLD
  • Enterprise DSOLD
  • KlingonSOLD
  • NG KlingonSOLD
  • RomulanSOLD
  • NG RomulanSOLD
  • FerengiSOLD
  • Set of Three Ships (Enterprise, Klingon, Romulan)SOLD
  • TankardSOLD
  • 25th Anniversary CoinSOLD
  • 5th Anniversary NG CoinSOLD
Stainless Steel 25th Anniversary WatchSOLD

The Hamilton Collection

14" Porcelain Dolls (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov)SOLD
Acrylic Sculptures:

  • EnterpriseSOLD
  • KlingonSOLD
  • Series 1SOLD
  • Series 2SOLD
  • Series 3 (1st 7 plates)SOLD
  • Enterprise (1983)SOLD
  • 25th AnniversarySOLD
  • The Voyage HomeSOLD
  • NG CrewSOLD
  • PicardSOLD
  • RikerSOLD
  • DataSOLD
  • Best Of Both WorldsSOLD
  • EnterpriseSOLD
Coffee Mugs: 8 (match series 1 plates)SOLD
6 1/2" Mugs: Kirk; Spock
Mini Plates: 9 (match series 1 plates, plus Enterprise)SOLD; 1 Enterprise DSOLD

Hallmark Ornaments

  • 1991 EnterpriseSOLD
  • 1992 ShuttlecraftSOLD
  • 1993 Enterprise DSOLD
  • 1994 KlingonSOLD
  • 1995 RomulanSOLD; KirkSOLD; PicardSOLD; Mini ShipsSOLD
  • 1996 SpockSOLD

Other Collectables

The Danbury Mint: Set of Twelve Figures with Display CaseSOLD
ST VI Gold Plated Laser Etched DiscSOLD
25th Anniversary Silver Laser Etched DiscSOLD
Picture Disc (lp, soundtrack from The Cage, Where No Man...)SOLD
Enterprise Dart Board and CaseSOLD
Silver Cinema Art Collection (set of 10 movie posters and teasers in sterling silver)SOLD
Snow Globes: EnterpriseSOLD; Enterprise DSOLD; Enterprise Mini Globe SOLD
Rarities Mint 22k Gold Plated Enterprise WatchSOLD
Enterprise Telephone SOLD
Silver Coins: SOLD-Kirk; Spock; McCoy; Scotty; Uhura; Chekov; Sulu
Silver Coins: KirkSOLD, SpockSOLD
Lincoln Enterprises Film Strip (4 Frames TOS)SOLD

  • Enterprise w/pink planetSOLD
  • Enterprise w/yellow planetSOLD
  • Kirk-Spock-McCoySOLD
  • Enterprise D w/yellow planetSOLD
  • PicardSOLD
  • SpockSOLD
Spock Decanter (bust)SOLD
Tankard (TOS) SOLD
Wooden 3-D Chess Set SOLD
Collectors Spoons: Kirk; Spock; McCoy; ScottySOLD
ST IV Coasters (set of 2) SOLD
Pewter STTNG Crew 2 1/2": Picard; Riker; Data; Crusher; Troi; Worf; Geordi
Small Pewter Enterprise and Klingon SOLD
Coffee Mugs: Star FleetSOLD; Magic Disappearing Transporter (2)SOLD; ST AdventureSOLD
Pins: CommunicatorSOLD; Hand Painted Kirk/Spock; STTMPSOLD; 20 YearSOLD; 11 other misc.SOLD
Matchbooks: 2 (different) STTMP SOLD
Enterprise Plastic RingSOLD
ST Shift PuzzleSOLD
Enterprise Earring (1)SOLD
Belt Buckles (3)SOLD
Pocket KnifeSOLD
20th Anniversary Medallion
ST IV Medallion
Wrist Watch (TOS)SOLD
Pocket Watch (TOS)SOLD
STTMP Spock Wrist WatchSOLD
20 Anniversary Spock Wrist WatchSOLD
ST II Video Game WatchSOLD
Plastic Childrens Place Setting (5 pc-STTMP) SOLD
Cereal Bowl (1975)SOLD
Pflatzgraff: ST Insignia MugSOLD; Stoneware Cup and SaucerSOLD; Bone China Dinner PlateSOLD
Glasses: STTMP Coca-Cola (set of 3)SOLD
7-11 Cups: 25th Anniversary (set of 4, plus 1 double)SOLD
Glasses: ST III Taco Bell (set of 4)
Icee Cups: STTNG (set of 5)SOLD
Stop-n-Go ST III Glow In The Dark Cups (set of 4)SOLD
Plastic Lunch Boxes (2, STTNG)SOLD
Rubber Enterprise Door MatSOLD
  • EnterpriseSOLD
  • Original Crew
  • Original Crew Alarm ClockSOLD
  • Enterprise Desk ClockSOLD
  • Large STTNG Wall Clock
Rubies Halloween Costumes: Picard; Worf; Data; Borg-SOLD
Candy Tubes (6) with Worf, BorgSOLD, and ferengi Figures on Top (2 each)
PVC Figures:
  • 12" Kirk; SpockSOLD
  • 4" Remaining are: Picard, Data, Troi, Worf, Q, Klingon, Ferengi
US Postal Service Spock Space Stamp DisplaySOLD
US Postal Service Spock Space Stamp PosterSOLD
Commemorative Cachets (set of 4)SOLD
25th Anniversary Commemorative Stamp SetSOLD
STTNG Photon Candies (2 packs)SOLD
Crew Photo 16x20 (TOS)
Wanted Posters: Kirk; Spock; ScottySOLD
Mini Stand Up (TOS)SOLD
Posters: Enterprise LegacySOLD, 25th AnniversarySOLD, All I Needed To Know..SOLD;Movie Posters 1-5(STTMP, ST II, ST III, ST IV SOLD), Life Size Kirk SOLD, Life Size Spock on TransporterSOLD,Generations Mini Poster
Bookmarks (19 asst.)SOLD
STTNG Wrapping Paper SOLD
Hallmark Party Supplies:
  • Pk of Party InvitationsSOLD
  • Pk of Coctail NapkinsSOLD
  • Pk of Large Party NapkinsSOLD
  • Pk of 6 3/4" PlatesSOLD
  • Pk of 8 3/4" PlatesSOLD
Model Kits:
  • 3 pc Enterprise Chrome SetSOLD
  • STTMP Klingon Cruiser (1984)SOLD
  • ST VI EnterpriseSOLD
  • STTMP Spock (1979)SOLD
  • Galelio Shuttlecraft (1991)SOLD
  • Galelio 7 Shuttlecraft (1974)
  • Enterprise (1983)SOLD
  • Command Bridge (1975)SOLD
  • Exploration Set (1974)SOLD
  • Snap Together Ship Set (1983)
Set of Misc. Greeting CardsSOLD
Telephone and Address Books (3)SOLD
Cardboard Stand Ups: ST V Video: Kirk; SpockSOLD


Dinkey Die Cast: EnterpriseSOLD, Klingon (STTMP)SOLD
Corgi Die Cast: EnterpriseSOLD, KlingonSOLD (ST II)
Ertl Die Cast: Enterprise, Klingon, Excelsior (ST III)SOLD
Ertl Die Cast: Enterprise, Klingon (ST V)SOLD
Dinkey Die Cast: EnterpriseSOLD, KlingonSOLD (1977, large disc shooting ships)

  • Die Cast Enterprise D SOLD
  • NG PhaserSOLD
  • Micro Machines Set 1SOLD
  • Micro Machines Set 2SOLD
  • Micro Machines Set 3 (Generations- 1701-B, Bird of Prey, 1701-D)SOLD
  • Micro Machines Set 4 (Movies- Excelsior, Bird of Prey, Reliant)SOLD
  • Collectors Set (9 pc)SOLD
  • Collectors Set (16 pc)SOLD
Kites: STTNG (2), TNG Avon Kite, STTMP Octopus KiteSOLD
  • 200 pc jigsaw (1978)
  • Series 2 "The Alien" (1976)SOLD
  • BBC TV #2 (1972) SOLD
  • TOS (1993)
  • TNG (1993)
  • Enterprise (STTMP-1979)SOLD
  • 3-D (Illusion Art-1994)SOLD
  • STTMP Milton Bradley (2)
  • ST VI
  • 300 pc PosterSOLD
  • Puzzle in Round Tube of Crew on Transporter (1974) SOLD
Wrist Communicators STTMPSOLD
View Master: Space Men Theatre in the RoundSOLD; STTNG View Master ReelsSOLD
Sticker Sets (4)SOLD
Spock Ears (STTMP-1979)SOLD
ST Disc Gun SOLD
ST II Mini Role Playing Figures: Capt. Terrell; David Marcus
1978 Role Playing Piece Set (2)SOLD
Water Pistol (STTMP)SOLD
Space Flashlight (STTMP)SOLD
Phaser Saucer Gun (1976)SOLD
Mini Key Ring Viewer (Aliens)
Yo-yo'sALL SOLD: Picard; Riker; Data; Enterprise D; Spock (STTMP)
Hand Held Electronic Games: Tiger STTNGSOLD; Konami 25th AnniversarySOLD; Konami STSOLD
Spock Bop Bag (1975)SOLD
Interactive VCR Board Game
25th Anniversary NES game
Game of the Galaxies
How to Host a Mystery SOLD
Steel Tec
Star Trek the Game SOLD
Golden Trivia Game SOLD
The Adventure GameSOLD
Silly Putty (STTMP)SOLD
Freezicle Kit (1975)SOLD
Super Phaser 2 Target GameSOLD
STTNG Easy Painting Sets: Enterprise; RomulanSOLD
Parachuting Spock (1974)SOLD
STTNG Four in one Poster Set SOLD
STTNG Poster Pen Set SOLD
Glow in the Dark Sets: EnterpriseSOLD; Klingon; Kirk-Spock; Stars; Space Adventure Poster Set; Enterprise D
Playing CardsSOLD: ST II; TOS (2 Decks in Tin); TNG (2 Decks in Tin)
Hand Held Pinball Game (1976)SOLD
STTNG Window Scenes Set
Knickerbocker STTMP Soft Posable Figures: Kirk; Spock BOTH SOLD
Mego Play BridgeSOLD
Mego 8" Figures (loose)ALL SOLD: Kirk; Spock; McCoy; Scotty; Uhura; Klingon; Gorn; Cheron; Neptunian; Keeper; Romulan (w/o helmet)
STTMP Action FiguresALL SOLD: Kirk; Spock; Decker; Ilia; McCoy; Scotty
STTMP 12" DollsALL SOLD: Kirk; Spock; Decker; Ilia; Klingon; Arcturian
ST III Action FiguresALL SOLD: Kirk; Spock; Scotty; Klingon
ST V Boxed Action Figures: Kirk; Spock; McCoy; Sybok; Klaa
Galoob STTNG Action FiguresALL SOLD: Picard; Riker; Data (speckled); Yar; Geordi; Worf; Q; Ferengi; Antican; Selay
Playmates: Classic CommunicatorSOLD; Classic PhaserSOLD; NG PhaserSOLD; NG Type 1 PhaserSOLD; Generations Klingon DisruptorSOLD; Classic TricorderSOLD; Classic EnterpriseSOLD; Classic Collector Figure SetSOLD; NG CommunicatorSOLD; Generations CommunicatorSOLD; NG TricorderSOLD; NG Romulan War BirdSOLD; Generations Engineering PlaysetSOLD; NG Enterprise GliderSOLD; NG Transporter; Shuttlecraft GoddardSOLD; NG Klingon Attack CruiserSOLD; NG EnterpriseSOLD; Generations EnterpriseSOLD; Generation Klingon Bird of PreySOLD; Generations Enterprise BSOLD; Generations Movie Edition Dolls: KirkSOLD; PicardSOLD; DataSOLD; GeordiSOLD; Command Edition Dolls: KirkSOLD; Picard SOLD; NG Communicator Walkie TalkiesSOLD; NG Collector Figure CaseSOLD
ACTION FIGURES: PicardSOLD; RikerSOLD; DataSOLD; Troi; Geordi (w/removable visor)SOLD; WorfSOLD; GowronSOLD; RomulanSOLD; BorgSOLD; FerengiSOLD; W/Card: PicardSOLD; Riker; Data; Troi; Geordi; WorfSOLD; BeverlySOLD; WesleySOLD; Mordock; K'ehleyr; LocutusSOLD; Guinan; DathonSOLD; Geordi (Dress Uniform)SOLD; Klingon Warrior WorfSOLD; BorgSOLD; QSOLD; Lore; VorgonSOLD; Adm. McCoy; Amb. Spock; Capt. Scott; SelaSOLD; GeordiSOLD; YarSOLD; Sarek; Nausicaan; Lwaxana; DataSOLD; Worf w/AlexanderSOLD; Picard as GalenSOLD; W/Space Cap: Picard as Romulan; Data as Romulan; Troi in UniformSOLD; Geordi as AlienSOLD; HughSOLD; Riker as MalcorianSOLD; Worf in Rescue OutfitSOLD; BarkleySOLD; Dr, SoongSOLD; Q in Judges RobesSOLD; Picard as Dixon HillSOLD; Ens. RoSOLD; EsoqqSOLD; NO Cards: Ens. CrusherSOLD; PicardSOLD; Data in Dress Uniform SOLD; Hunter of Tosk (DS9)SOLD
Generations Action Figures: ALL SOLD Picard; Riker; Data; Beverly; Troi; Geordi; Worf; Worf in 17th Century Outfit; Guinan; Kirk in Space Suit; Kirk; Scotty; Chekov; Soran; Lursa; B'etor
Space Talk Series: Picard; Riker; Q
Innerspace Play Sets: BorgSOLD; RomulanSOLD; ShuttlecraftSOLD; Klingon


25th Anniversary Trading Card Tin (Complete)SOLD
STTNG Inaugural Edition Tin (Complete)SOLD
1976 Topps (88 cards & 22 stickers)SOLD
STTMP 1979 Topps (88 cards)SOLD
STTMP 1979 Rainbo Bread Cards (33 cards)SOLD
ST II Mini Cards (100 cards)SOLD
ST II Giant Cards 1982 (30 cards)SOLD
ST III 1984 (60 cards)SOLD
ST IV 1986/87 (60 cards)SOLD
25th Anniversary Cards (160 cards)
STTNG 1992 (120 cards)
Panini Stickers (for Album) (240 stickers)
Unopened packsSOLD: Panini Sticker Pack; 25th Anniversary Series 1&2 (TOS & TNG)
Panini Sticker BookSOLD

Calendars: 1977SOLD; 1980; 1988; 1989 (TOS & TNG); 1990 (TOS & TNG); 1991 (TOS & TNG); 1992 (TNG); 1993 (TOS & TNG); 1994 (TOS & TNG); 1995 (TOS 2); 1996 (TOS & TNG)

Charactarture of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Alien
US Postal Service Phamphlet with EnterpriseSOLD
Book 'n' Record Sets: ALL SOLD STTMP (2); ST II; ST III; Time Stealer; In Vino Veritas; Passage to Moauv; The Human Factor; Dinosaur Planet (2)
TV Guides: ALL SOLD 1991: Aug 30-Sept 6; 1993: Jan 2-8; July 24-30; July 31-Aug 6; Sept 4-10; 1994: May 14-20; Oct 8-14; 1995: Jan 14-20; Oct 7-13; 1996: Feb 17-23

Comic Books:

  • Gold Key #53SOLD; DC #44 (1987)
  • 1989 DC Series #1-71 (doubles on 17 and 27)
  • Annuals #1-5
  • Specials #1&2
  • The Modala Imperative #1-4 TOS and #1-4 TNG
  • TNG Annuals #1-4
  • STTNG #3 in a 6 issue mini series; #11 & #43
  • STTMP #1 (2), #2, #3
  • ST III
  • ST IV
  • ST V
  • ST VI (2)
  • Mini Comics (2) 1971 & 1974SOLD
  • Hard Back Annuals (BBC TV): 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1986 SOLD
Puzzle Boards (6)SOLD
Post Card Book (1977)SOLD
ST III Post Card BookSOLD
STTMP Giant Movie Poster Book SOLD
Stamp Album (1977)SOLD
Giant Poster Books: #4 (2), #6 & #13 SOLD
Sticker Book (1979) SOLD
Assorted Coloring & Activity Books SOLD

That should about do it.
All serious offers on the collection or on individual pieces or parts of the collection will be considered. Feel free to E-mail me with any questions. If you want to take a look at the collecion, I'm located in South Jersey.

Live Long And Prosper

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