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What are HammGuides? HammGuides are very much like Web Pages that you have built yourself. They are focused on a particular topic for example the wrestler Ric Flair. On this site will provide you with a quick quide to the most important facts about the "Nature Boy". We will present you interesting web sites with more focus on Flair. And we will try and provide you with the latest news about what Flair is up to. Or we will present you with a HammGuide on the Philadelphia Phillies. Not unlike what what you see here on the Philly Sports HQ. Where you will see it hasn't been updated in a LONG while. But that's right now. Soon with HammRadio.com's Inside the Dugout, we will present a comprehensive guide to our favorite baseball team. Including features on our thoughts on the new stadium. And a farewell to the OLD VET!!!


Politics And Government
Into The Can
Tuning The Dial
That's a Print
Wrasslin’ Express
Philly Sports Headquarters
Guest Book
Quick Shots
Paula Abdul Report
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The Original HammRadio is here. But soon HammRadio will be presenting you with a new feature with our sister e-publication HammRadio.com where will present you guides to everything you want to know about subjects that we love to talk about. If you have any interest in a particular guide please e-mail us here: WebMaster At HammRadio.com.  
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And with our sister publication we will HammRadio.com we will constantly be updating our informative e-zine with all the latest opinions, rants, quick shots that you have grown to love and HATE!!!!  
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