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Check Out the hot links I have.If you want your page on it E-mail me. If you like rabbits go to little White rabbits homepage.Know what I like on on the rabbit page is the hopping rabbit. Starting July 7th I will Be picking links of the week. If you would like to you can mail me and I will check out your page or if you find A cool page that you think I should check out E-mail me. If I like it I will mail you and put a link to your page on my page.So check out my page every week. If you would like to find out more about me got to Danyelle's Other Page. If you would like to know where I live how old I'm know what I look like go to Danyelle's other page and you can read the stories I wrote. Hollywood is the best city to live on. I have never been to Hollywood but I think I will go soon. If you want sign up for the club I'm doing It is real fun and easy to join the club.

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    Hi, My name is Danyelle Nichols. I'm starting the best club in the world.:)We have positions in my club you can pick any one of these ones out reporters, editors, a president (me), a vice president, etc! You have to be in the ages of 0-14. If you would like to be in it then e-mail me a letter that says your name, e-mail address, age,position, and a few more things about you if you want.As soon as I get your letter I will add you to my list.

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