Welcome to the autograph session of Rachel's Little World!

Phil Craig - 07/24/00 10:44:26
My Email:philcraig@one.net.au
pets?: Dog & Cat
Where you from?: Sydney Australia
Favorite Music?: 70's
How'd you get here?: Just Lucky

Gidday Catch You LaterPhil

Mark Zolton - 01/23/00 20:18:44
My URL:http://k-slug.phys.ksu.edu/~mark
My Email:mcz0339@cis.ksu.edu
pets?: Mister Cat
Where you from?: Kansas
Favorite Music?: Trent
How'd you get here?: Thru Yahoo search...

See, I told you I could find it. I don't even know if you check this, but what the hell. You've got some cute cats!

SecondOne - 11/28/99 10:47:44
My URL:http://www.bigfoot.com/~BIMacLean
My Email:BIMacLean@bigfoot.com
pets?: cant stand them , but we have 2 dogs, a rabbit, a ginni pig, proabbly a hamster and a freaking evil cockateal
Where you from?: UK
Favorite Music?: dance
How'd you get here?: link from a search


karl - 11/25/99 14:21:22
My Email:www.banghole@eudoramail.com
pets?: puppy
Where you from?: asia
Favorite Music?: any kind
How'd you get here?: searching for u!!!

i love u

Holly - 11/24/99 03:22:37
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/heartland/ridge/3029
My Email:4holly@ev1.net
pets?: 2 cats
Where you from?: texas
Favorite Music?: blink 182 stuff
How'd you get here?: not really sure


james - 10/12/99 18:30:16
My URL:http://www.starwars.com
My Email:jurassic@pilot.infi.net
pets?: dog
Where you from?: norfolk

no comments

Lionel Tipton - 07/20/99 03:20:35
My Email:lct6571@ksu.edu
pets?: Not at the moment
Where you from?: Born in Santa Barbara, Calif., but now live in Manhattan, KS
Favorite Music?: Smooth Jazz & samba music
How'd you get here?: Your link

OK, now I've found it. Wish I could remember that link to my page that Rajesh set up. Thank you for being a kind and patient friend with this "old" man.

Matt - 07/08/99 18:58:26
My URL:http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~flood/
My Email:flood@ksu.edu
pets?: Not Currently
Where you from?: Smack in the middle of the US
Favorite Music?: Anything that rocks
How'd you get here?: My Mother

I am sorry about the ealier one but I was drunk and people were breathing down my neck to use the computer so I freaked out and didn' fill in the rest of it.

Matt Scheck - 07/08/99 04:05:59


Paul - 07/01/99 05:11:31
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/SouthBeach/Cape/2924/
My Email:big_jabroni@yahoo.com
Where you from?: toronto, canada
Favorite Music?: house, baby
How'd you get here?: fluke


Andrew - 06/11/99 06:34:56
My Email:tazzydev13@hotmail
pets?: 2 fish!!!
Where you from?: Tasmania, Australia
Favorite Music?: Almost anything
How'd you get here?: Who knows?

Brad Lee - 06/07/99 20:53:45
My Email:sexy_69_3some@hotmail.com
pets?: 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 fish
Where you from?: USA (Iowa)
Favorite Music?: Alternative
How'd you get here?: alta vista search

cool web site!

Rajesh - 05/23/99 02:16:09
My URL:http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~rgaur
My Email:rgaur@ksu.edu
pets?: my friend's cats
Where you from?: Lucknow
Favorite Music?: Anything except rap
How'd you get here?: I know my ways

This new look homepage beats the earlier one. Cool..., will be a pleasure to see more stuff on it.

tommy - 05/09/99 17:24:57
pets?: snakes and roaches
Where you from?: same as you
Favorite Music?: country
How'd you get here?: my mommy

Your Page is awesome!!
Daneeka Marshall - 04/20/99 03:44:13
My Email:dkm7780@ksu.edu
pets?: none
Where you from?: Tonganoxie Kansas
Favorite Music?: Hip Hop
How'd you get here?: Rajesh

Hey Ray, I like the thing you got going with your cats. I am mad at Rajesh because he said that you are his only friend. I thought he liked me. I am just joking, I had to say it because he is standing here. Anyway, I like you and Rajesh's homepage, keep it u !

- 03/27/99 21:23:35


RCG - 03/16/99 00:28:02
My Email:iago11@yahoo.com
Where you from?: MKS
How'd you get here?: Lured by money

Wow that blinking tiger looks good.

Dano - 03/09/99 21:19:07
My Email:MelvnBlind@aol.com
pets?: Zoie and Chase when I'm around
Where you from?: NOLA
Favorite Music?: anything that rips through the soul
How'd you get here?: squeezed, pushed, dropped

Awesome,very very cool and colorful a true attack on the senses Keep up the enlightening! Love, D

PPT - 03/07/99 23:09:07
pets?: bitch called spice
Where you from?: manhattan,ks
Favorite Music?: queen,dylan, ledzep
How'd you get here?: thru rgaurs page

Nothing about macavity on your home page. he's my favourite cat.

peter steele - 03/07/99 06:26:55
My Email:kfriday@aol.com
pets?: 2 cats
Where you from?: chalmette (dawlin )
Favorite Music?: korn zombie nin deftones
How'd you get here?: took Claiborne ave. haha

I think that the web site is way cool and is great to look at "in equal amount consistencies" LOL hahahahaha---i know you remember that one

- 03/05/99 02:54:43


angelle - 03/03/99 03:01:45
My Email:angellej@hotmail.com
pets?: none:(
Where you from?: new orleans
Favorite Music?: r&b
How'd you get here?: thru email

Rachel cool website for your first I'm still thinking about doing one myself but I never take the time to do it is it more than a day type of thing and your pic are so cute buh bye

Cary St.Angelo - 03/03/99 00:26:44
pets?: none
Where you from?: Yeah
Favorite Music?: Dano
How'd you get here?: You

How are you boss Rachel ...Yeah Yeah It's me crazy Cary....I love you Rachel ...Later......Cary

gpbdunkirk - 03/02/99 01:41:20
My Email:gpbdunkirk@aol.com
pets?: 4 cats
Where you from?: louisiana
Favorite Music?: mixture
How'd you get here?: by going thru this homepage

that was really cute ray! tell me how you did that.b/c i might want to do one.

noogit - 03/02/99 01:17:56
My Email:Renee7777
pets?: uh yeah
Where you from?: the boot
Favorite Music?: everything but country
How'd you get here?: I'm the girl's best-friend for christ sake

play some Korn

auntie lisa - 03/01/99 22:02:08
Where you from?: Hickville

Dig it!!!!!!!

Christie Anderson - 03/01/99 17:47:27
My Email:christiea@bb-cpa.com
pets?: 2 Kitties--Romeo & Juliet
Where you from?: Chalmette, LA
Favorite Music?: Type O, NIN, Tool, Cure, Enya, etc.
How'd you get here?: You emailed me!

I love it!! I especially love the pictures of the kids! Zoie looks so cute all stretched out on the window sill. You should put a link off of Chase and Zoie's page for the pal cats...like Romeo & Juliet! Just a suggestion. Anyway, great page, keep up the good work! Love, Crusty

Aunt Eileen - 03/01/99 14:45:05
My Email:Mamaleeny@cmpsource.com
pets?: not any more!
Where you from?: Mandeville, La.
Favorite Music?: oldies
How'd you get here?: received your e-mail then proceeded

Hi Rachel: What a fun idea this is. Since I hardly ever hear from you maybe I can keep up with you through this. Hope you are well and happy. Cute pictues of you and Dano. Love, Aunt E

Rajesh gaur - 03/01/99 04:19:10
My URL:http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~rgaur
My Email:RGaur@ksu.edu

Hey, it came out much more beautiful than I had expected. It's really fabulous... looks like a pro page. ;-)

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