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Nothing Hill?

Okay,I'd like to say that 'Notting Hill' was ....OK. It wasn't exactly wonderful,was a little boring at some parts and this fact is not helped by Grant's manner of taking incredibly long moments to finish a sentence.

Um..I'd say that I wouldn't watch it again unless it was absolutely necessary .

Oh yeah!And what was the reason Roberts' character Scott had to kiss him anyway?

Does she kiss guys who spill juice on her shirts?Also,talk about irritating flatmates.

Plus,the romantic climax the movie was hoping for wasn't exactly heart-warming.

It took so long to squeeze any emotion in me that I just felt a little tired.Overall,it was an OK performance by the cast.

Screenplay not too original plus could use some touching up in areas that had no reasonable explanation.

So really,Notting Hill could be Nothing Hill. All in all,I rate it a 3.out of kindness!Emily John(no pseudonym for me!)

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