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Santa Barbara

"Santa Barbara" (1984-1993), is a great, and very popular soap opera! In the center of it, are the rich and healthy Capwells. There's also the Lockridges, the Andrades, and a couple of other families. The Lockridges used to be a real upper-class family, but they have lost most of their prestige to the Capwells. The head of the Capwell family is Channing Creighton Capwell, a.k.a. C.C Capwell. The Capwells are in the oil business, and own and run 'Capwell Enterprises'. They have a very big influense in Santa Barbara, and almost always get what they are after. But there are also people like C.C's ex-wife Gina Capwell Demott, and Keith Timmons, the District Attorney, who are constantly trying to make "a living hell" for the Capwells. The series takes up many different problems, like rape, different crimes, drug addiction, and so on.

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The Bold & The Beautiful premiered in March 1987 in the United States. The show was created by William J. Bell together with Lee Phillip Bell (both also serve as executive producers). The show centers around three families, the Forresters, the Logans and the Spectras. The Forresters own their own family business "Forrester Creations", a famous fashion house. Head of the Forrester family are Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Their children are Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristen. Ridge and Thorne both work at Forrester Creations, while both Felicia and Kristen are abroad. The Logan family is headed by Stephen and Beth Logan. One of their daughters, Brooke Logan, is married to Ridge Forrester (they have a long history together). The Logans are currently located in Paris (except for Brooke). The head of the Spectra family is Sally Spectra. She owns and runs "Spectra Fashions" that desperately tries to compete with the mighty Forrester Creations. Sally has two children, Macy Alexander, and a boy C.J. Macy used to be married to Thorne Forrester. The relation between the Forresters and the Spectras isn't exactly good, especially not between Stephanie and Sally. The show has an estimated 250 million daily viewers worldwide. It has received nine Emmy awards and multiple Emmy nominations (in acting and technical areas). It has won Emmy awards for Art Direction, Costume Design, Lighting, Make-up, Camera Direction, Technical Direction and also for Graphics and Title Design. The show is airing on MTV3 in Finland.

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Many congratulations to "B&B" for winning a daytime Emmy award in the "OUTSTANDING HAIRSTYLING FOR A DRAMA SERIES" category (1998).

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The Bold and The Beautiful Cast
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