If you don't see them here, they're not on the web.

Here is the only list of links available from people who graduated from Burton-Atherton that are on the web that are worth my time! Are you ready? Then here they are!!!! There's other stuff, but that's important. So Are you ready? Bow to the master and BREAK IT DOWN!!!!!!

Check these links out!!!
Polo 23- The Official Homepage The Uncrowned Golden Apple Winner and the co-leader of TV-14 has nothing spectactular unless you like Jewel. Try to guess who it is.

Tim Shorkey NWO 4 Life, Tim has a really cool page consisting of links, fun facts, and other things to keep your heart pumping. He didn't get to speak at graduation due to the political clout.

Kevin Ferguson A Western Michigan University student proud, of not Burton -Atherton, but his prized Riviera. This page has a really cool page dedicated to the Riviera and really neat ska links.

Stax Rocks! Just who is this Stax person??? Go to the page and find out. We can tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

Leon Kroetsch Leon, what can we say? His page may just hypnotize you. Plus he is a big Ric Flair fan. He's not NWO 4 Life. Woooooo!

Dan Dudek Dan is the very first of the Burton-Athertonites to be on the web. Check out this Grease page and be amazed at how cool it is.

Ashleigh Foutch Granted, it's not her page. But find out information about one of Burton Atherton's friendliest and elite athletes.

Connie Ross Following in the footsteps of another Atherton icon, Connie is Atherton's current Yearbook Editor.

Other Stuff!!!

The Original Official Minimum Wage Page From February 1995 to January 1998, this was the official homepage of the late night tv program. It had music videos, comedy, music videos, guests, and oh yeah, music videos.

The Official Minimum Wage Live Page January 1998, a new era began. MWLive debuted with unbelievable features like the Webseat, One Angry Guy, and unpredictability. Go to the page to see videoclips and sounds.

Copyright, 1998!
tv 14
With that out of the way, you can expect on this page links to tv shows. Plus, if I can find some one, an all new news page.

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