Updated May 19, 1998

Hi there everyone!!! You are the person to visit my page. My name is Jenny Dobson, and I'm a 17 year old gal from Melbourne, Australia. Yeah, I know you're thinking "Great, another XF page", but please stick around!! I'm hoping to put up some other pages on my other favourite shows, so, check back in a few weeks for that. If you want your page listed in my links, email me, and I'll add it on. If anybody has *any* ideas or suggestions, PLEASE email me and let me know. Hmmm, well, I *know* I haven't updated this page properly in ages, but I swear, I'll get it done soon!!! I've just been *really* busy!! Oh yeah, one more thing, don't forget to sign my guestbook!!

Hi...Yes, I know it's been an excessively long time since I updated, but you have no idea how little time I've had!!!!!! Anyway, I came here and discovered 1. that about half of the links no longer work, and 2. PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY COMING HERE!!!!!!!! =))) Sorry =))) Anyway, on with the show =)

Cool Pictures

Just when you though you'd seen everything possible...Check out this pic of AD Skinner rollerblading!!!
Click here to see a pic of Gillian and her husband. (Blecchh!)
Click here to see a pic of David and Gillian at the launch of the X-Files CD
Check out this pic of David and Gillian in a weird kissing pose. (Just a little closer...)
Pic of Dave and Gillian in nice, smiley dancing pose
Great pic of Dave and Gillian, faces close together.
Nice pic of Gillian in David's arms, both looking back
small picture of Gillian in David's arms, looking at the camera
Yeah, I know we've all seen it, but what list of links would be complete without *that* Rolling Stone cover?
Check out *this* pic of Gillian
Pic of Mulder and Scully looking kinda bored
Pic of Gillian showing off her award at the SAG awards
Awesome pic of Mulder
Miri's X-Files Photo Gallery
Check out this pic of David in a *stunning* green suit!!

My personal links

Check out my brand new Blue Heelers page!!!!!
Kabie's Home Page
Jenn's Home Page
Gillian FOREVER!
My link page to 'shipper related sites

X-Files Links

Terminal X (Highly Recommended)
X-Files Episode Ratings and Reviews
The WNOL X-Files Posting Board
Scully Screensaver (must have for all x-philes)
The Official X-Files Web Site
Federal Bureau of Investigation (the real FBI)
The X-Philic Test

Check out the XPRA Homepage!!

Sounds, Movies and Fanfic
These links coming soon!!

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Okay, well down here I'm just gonna do all that boring legal stuff so noone gets mad, even though we all know that Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and all of those other really cool people, do not belong me, they belong to the legendary Chris Carter, Fox Television, and Ten-Thirteen Productions. I'm not going to hurt them, I just want play with them for a while, and I promise that I'll put them back where I found them when I'm done. Oh, and thanks to Kabie, who helped me figure out what I was doing, and gave me some good ideas.

Ok, this update is dedicated to the amazingly talented (and it also helps that he's gorgeous) Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, star of the Australian productions of Beauty and the Beast and Sunset Boulevard. Hugh recently left our Aussie shores to head for the West End in London to perform the lead role in the musical "Oklahoma!". I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Hugh all the best for the 4 months or so he'll be working on the show, and let's hope that it's a success...But Hugh, make sure you come back home to Australia soon!!!

The X-Files goes to air at 8:30 Wednesday nights in Australia on channel 10
and 9:00 Sunday nights in the US on Fox

1996 dobson@vic.bigpond.net.au

See you in Sydney 2000!!

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