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Welcome to my homepage. Whether you have stumbled into this page accidently, or perhaps more frighteningly by choice, you are welcome one and all.

I hope that you have all wiped your feet before coming into my home. You have? Marvellous. You wouldn't believe the trouble I've had...people coming here straight after marching round a site about soils, and trampling mud into my nice clean carpet.

Anyway, please feel free to look around. There are a number of exits from this room, which will lead you either out of my home and across the world on some exciting visit, or will lead you further into my home where you will find out more about me, and what I do.

Anyway, I shall leave you to choose which door you wish to venture through. Enjoy your visit. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Personal Information

    *Stuff About Me, and By Me
    *Wedding of the Year 2001 - the marriage of Kate & Scott
    *My Cats - Past and Present - Pictures, information and links to animal charities
    *Friends Homepages - the web pages of friends from university, and elsewhere.

Science-Fiction and Fantasy

    *Doctor Who - Join the Doctor for a trip around the galaxy in the TARDIS.
    *Babylon 5 - Earthforce officers await you. - Coming Soon
    *Blake's 7 - Information about Blakes 7, with a chance to join the webring!
    *Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Other Interests

    *4th Hedge End Brownies - (in construction)
    *The Lion King - Information about the Disney film
    *Red's Toy Cupboard - Beanies, MLP, Care Bears, Attic Treasures and more
    *Manchester United - Treble winners
    *The Goggle Box - TV favourites
    *My Virtual Pets - See my pet rock here!
    *Other Stuff

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