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June 25, 2000

Updated the reviews page with a really, really late review of the season finale cliffhanger, "Unimatrix Zero".


  I'm Back!!...Again!

Well, after taking a month's hiatus, I'm back yet again.  Due to my new job, I had to move, and I'm just finally getting the internet again...I'm used to dialup, and now I have a T1 connection, so I'm happy as a pig in mud!

-The Maj


Project Background:  Provides an overview of both the Pathfinder Project as well as Project Voyager itself.  Explains the retrieved MajCullah Database.

Project Timeline:  A summary of the events leading from Voyager's disappearance up to the present time.

Project Crew:  A listing of those involved in Project:  Voyager.

Voyager Database:  The wealth of information transmitted from Voyager during the communication encounter on stardate 53320.2.  Contains a mission briefing of Voyager's encounters during the past six years, a Delta Quadrant alien Database, a database on the senior officers, as well as an Astrometrics cataloging anomolous readings and occurences (bloopers and shuttle mishaps).

Weekly Log Entries:  The log entries made by various members of the Project: Voyager team.

Main Sensor Array:  Details the upcoming missions (episodes) of Star Trek Voyager.

Incoming Transmissions:  A database of incoming news and rumours concerning Voyager.

Project Analysis:  An analysis of the current Voyager missions (episodes).

Shuttle Bay:  Travel to various other Voyager Databases maintained by outside parties.

Project: Voyager Discussion Forum:  A place for you to discuss your thoughts on Voyager and Star Trek in general




"Once Upon a Time"
Neelix:  “Coffee, anyone?  Captain?”

Captain Janeway:  "No thanks.  I've had enough.  One more cup and I'll jump to warp."

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