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Hi All you Tazo lovers. For those of you who are still collecting and have been trying to contact me, I aplogise for not keeping update. I still have a large number of tazo to swap. However due to other commitments I may take a while to get back. Please title your emails "HEY MIKE I HAVE TAZO's YOU WANT"

Welcome to the unofficial TAZO collectors cyberspace home page. It's for all you mad TAZO freaks, who don't want to eat a ton of CHIPS. There are millions of us, so why not TRADE. TAZO's are taking over the WORLD! They have infiltrated our governments, universities, nurseries and our minds! Mulder and Scully are on the case but it could even be too big for them.Your only defence is to trade up to the whole collection. You get too fat eating your way there. Forget everybody else and save yourself. Contact me on my Email to begin your Weight Loss program. I have heaps of TAZO's to trade.

Australian TAZO's are not the only TAZO's to collect. If you are interested I Have Chinese TAZO's to Trade. The set consists on 40 Cheeto's, each cheeto tazo represents a capitial city or country around the world. However because they are hard to come by, I am swapping 5 for 1. Make your set complete Now !!!!

Oh No!! More Tazo's. There are another 80 Australian Tazo's to Collect, called space Jams. They are made up of 20 Movie Tazo's which have 3 seconds of motion. The other 60 are Techno Tazo's. At this rate none of us will ever be able to complete our collections. Looks like we are going to hve to get fat after all. (From eating chips).

The Space jam Tazo craze is almost over now. Star Wars tazo's are about to start invading. Currently my spares in Star wars tazo's is low. So I will swap one for one. That is one star war tazo for the any series prior to star wars tazo's.

Currently I am after the following space Jams and will swap one for one for any tazo that you need, which I have.



If you thought you had just completed your tazo collection. Guess what? There are another 80 tazos to collect. This time Darth Vader will be using the force to get us to buy more chips. So lets join forces to complete our collections.

I Also have heaps and heaps of Australian TAZO's to swap.

Last Updated 1/5/98

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