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"Before televison, there was radio. Audiences earlier in this century sat in front of their radios and thrilled to the exploits of bigger-than-life radio heroes. Since it was radio, they couldn't see what was going on, but they didn't need to - all the action was described by dialogue, narration, and sound effects, and was translated by the imaginations of the listeners into scenes they could see, experience and remember.

Role-playing games are much like radio adventures, except for one important detail: they're interactive. One player provides the narrative and some of the dialogue, but the other players, instead of just sitting and envisioning what's going on, actually participate. Each player controls the actions of a character in the story, decides on his actions, supplies the character's dialogue, and makes decisions based on the character's personality and his current game options."

-from the 'Dungeons & Dragons Rule Cyclopedia'

Conquest '97 Scenario "What's The Reason?" - NOW AVAILABLE
5th Edition of The Guide To Herbs For RPGS - NOW AVAILABLE

What's The Reason?

What's The Reason? is a fantasy scenario that I wrote and ran at the Conquest '97 convention held over the Easter long weekend in Melbourne Australia. It is now available for download as a MSWord 6.0 file.

I have been GMing and playing FRPs for nearly fifteen years now. I have written two unofficial guides for FRPGs both of which are available here in text format. These guides can both be used in D&D and AD&D games, as well as in other FRPGs.

In addition Ezra Van Everbroeck has created an excellent hypertext version of the 4th edition of the Guide to Herbs (4th Edition) which is available here.

Runar Magnusson also offers the 4th edition of my Guide to Herbs on his web page as well as some other peoples RPG stuff.

I am attempting to gather together as much information about the supposed 'dangers' of D&D and other RPGs. For the Facts About D&D (and other roleplaying games), just follow the link.

The players guide for my current game world, Helgraad, is now available for your perusal.

I have now set up an unofficial web site for the old 'Dragon Warriors' rpg by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson that was published by Corgi in the 1980s.

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