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Feel free to look around, this page is mostly about me and my interests.
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SlickTuning.com This is where I am at

Paul Oakenfold
Boxcar Racer
My hobbies and interests include photography, snowboarding, clubbing, solving algebraic equations (syke), traveling in foreign countries, singing singing the shower, going to da movies, mall, beach. I like to race my car, both drag racing, auto cross and taking it to the track for a road course. I try to stay active, I run/walk, goto the gym, play ball, soccer and like to eat chips on my couch. My favorite hang out is Dave and Busters and Legends. I also  like to read and I draw...
Cars (Imports and Race cars, fast cars, F1/Lemans)
Music (Trance, [-]ip[-]hop, R&B, Alt. Rock)
Sky Blue Vodka
Hanging out with friends & meeting people/out going open minded people
Staying Fit (Sports, Gym, Dacing/DDR)
Animals (I have a Dog, but I have an affinity for cats)
Jokes, funny stuff, comedys, dorks
Dodgers, Lakers, Cowboys

Racist people
Bad Hygene
Fly Girls
(dont ask)
Most of my freinds are ghetto and they dont have a computer. (except for the one that knew where to steal one) But anywanys, all you suck and thank you very much...

Shout-outs goto
Diana! You finally got a computer chi
I have a mom, dad, but they are separated. My dad remarried and had two kids, and my mom remarried and just kept me. I have some distance relatives in Colombian, Ecuador, Begium and Japan, all which I have visited atleast once in my life. My favorite relative would have to be my half-bro cause he's so much like me. My fav place to visit was Belgium.
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