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Kathy Ireland on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Jay: Alrightee, then. My next guest, one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's the one you think you're gonna get on the Internet but you never do. She just released uh...two new workout videos: Absolutely Fit and Advanced Sports Fitness. Please welcome our good buddy: Kathy Ireland.

(Kathy Ireland comes out in a black dress. She kisses Jay on the cheek and then does the same to the first guest.)

Jay: Thanks for coming.

Kathy: Thank you for having me.

Jay: You know something. I'm, I'm glad I uh (a bunch of guys begin hooting)...now now...I'm, I'm glad I called you today.

Kathy: Me too, me...

Jay: We were having a nice discussion today. Tah, tah, tah. "Oh great, thanks for coming on the show." And I said, uh, "See you this afternoon," and you said...

Kathy: I said, "You mean tomorrow afternoon."

Jay: I said, "No, no, I'll see you in a couple of hours."

Kathy: I thought you were kidding. I, I totally thought he was like pulling one of his little jokes, or something, but...

Jay: You didn't know you were on today?

Kathy: No, no. I just got back. I was traveling. It was one of those days. But I made it.

Jay: How's BHB doing?

Kathy: BHB, that would mean?

Jay: I should've said BHB, your big headed baby. It's a beautiful baby. It's the handsomest little baby with a big giant head. What I love...I say it affectionately.

Kathy: I know you do. And, um...

Jay: I love Erik.

Kathy: Erik, he's 2 1/2. And he's grown into his head now. He's completely grown in.

Jay: He has?

Kathy: He's completely grown in. And, some people are late bloomers.

Jay: He must be a 160 pound baby already.

Kathy: No, no. He's proportioned. Some people I heard it takes long...you know, until they're 40 or 50.

Jay: Yeah.

Kathy: There's still...you know...There's still time. But he's great.

Jay: How's the potty training thing going?

Kathy: Potty training is: you know, that is like a challenge. He's doing pretty well. He pretty much became potty trained in September, um, for the most part. But um, you know...traveling is, is difficult. And you're on the airplane and the "fasten the seatbelt" sign comes on. And you know: it's like, what do you do? So, we've sort of developed like this...this cup trick. Oh, and we were...

Jay: Cup trick?

Kathy: Well...yeah. We were, um, we were on our way back from a trip. And I had to go to another job. It was one of those things where time was really tight.

Jay: Right.

Kathy: So I had a police escort. And um...

Jay: A police escort?

Kathy: A police escort.

Jay: Now, were you a criminal at the time?

Kathy: No, no it was really cool. These police officers, they were on motorcycles. So Erik got to sit a motorcycle.

Jay: You know, I can never find a cop when I need one. You're getting a police escort? Okay.

Kathy: We're in the car, and Erik says, "Mommy, I have to go pee." And i said, "Really bad, or could you wait like just a couple of seconds?" And he said, "Really bad, really bad." So it's like, okay. I get a cup, and he pees in the cup, and I roll down the window, and I throw it out the window. And, we had a walkee-talkee on the front seat, and uh, Jerry the guy that was driving us...he was sitting next to my dad...and they hear on the walkee-talkee, uh, the police saying, "I sure hope that wasn't pee in that cup because it just went all over me." So uh...

(The audience is grossed out.)

Jay: You know, who else? Now imagine, I'm trying...imagine any guy here: you're driving down a street. You throw a cup of urine in a cop's face. Are you dead? Are you in jail?

Kathy: He, he, he was a good sport.

Jay: Yeah, oh, oh, yeah. Cops, you know...cops really love that. Now, have you got another big uh...you also do like a Super Bowl commercial. Or is it secret? Can you talk about these things?

Kathy: Uhh, well a little bit of a secret. Uhh, yeah I'm doing a campaign with Baked Lays with Vendela and Miss Piggy.

Jay: Ohh, Miss Piggy. All supermodels, then.

Kathy: Yes. But she's a, she's a...ultra-deluxe supermodel. She's a...

Jay: She's very high-strung.

Kathy: Yeah, yeah she's...

Jay: Difficult?

Kathy: Well, no, you know, Vendela and I are getting used to it. She's...the men are swarming around her like flies. I mean, she's got her entourage.

Jay: And they just ignore you.

Kathy: Well, she's you know, she's a tough contender. Well, she's, you know, she's a good sport. We're learning from her.

Jay: Now what was the tractor racing thing? What was that?

Kathy: Oh, um, Jan. 18th, in Kiss Me, Florida.

Jay: Kiss Me, Florida?

Kathy: Kiss Me, Florida, in that Kmart parking lot. I'm gonna be in a tractor race. It's for the race against drugs.

Jay: That's good.

Kathy: It's a wonderful, wonderful campaign.

Jay: Now, I was gonna say: who's you're agent?

Kathy: Now, if anyone wants some more information on it, I have a web page: www.kathyireland.com.

Jay: Wha, wha, let me ask you this now: are you driving a tractor in the parking lot at Kmart?

Kathy: It's so much fun. Well, the kids do it, it's for the kids, but I get to do it, too. And the first one: it was a few months ago. It was in Detroit. We had heard that Paul Newman was gonna be there. And, I've always been a Paul Newman fan. And my mom has really been a Paul Newman fan. And when she saw the itinerary, part of it said...you know...lunch with Paul Newman and you know...people who are working with us. She told all her girlfriends she was gonna have lunch with Paul Newman. But it ended up being one of those really private kinda things. And they put us in a private room in this restaurant. And my mom and Erik were gonna go shopping, go to the toy store while we had our private lunch. And I was gonna try to introduce her after the lunch. And halfway through the lunch, we heard this little knock knock knock on the door. And my mom opens the door, "Oh, I didn't know you were in here. I just, I just was looking for you to say Erik and I are gonna go shopping." And I go, "Okay, mom."

Jay: Did she meet Paul?

Kathy: She got to meet Paul Newman. She got to tell all her girlfriends.

Jay: Now, were you embarrassed by this kinda mom thing?

Kathy: No, you know, moms can do anything.

Jay: Oh, now that you're a mom. Sure, you say that now.

Kathy: Yeah, yeah.

Jay: I'll bet, I'll bet a mom could even throw urine in a cop's face. Now, what's this new excercise? You have two new excercise videos?

Kathy: Um, yes I have two new excercise videos: Absolutely fit...

Jay: Wait, hold...hold on...is this it?

Kathy: Oh great. And, Advanced Sports Fitness. Would you like me to, um. Well, I'm not really dressed for it.

Jay: Wha, wha?

Kathy: But I'm certified. Can I teach you?

Jay: What is it? What do we have to do?

Kathy: Okay, You stand here, legs about, shoulder width apart. Hands on the hips.

Jay: With the pips.

Kathy: Hands on the hips.

First Guest: Like the Macarena, right?

Kathy: No: put your right leg back. About a foot. Right? Now, you're gonna bring your right knee to your left shoulder. Hands on the hip. Now you're gonna bring it up and you're gonna crucn the waist. This is a standing...

First Guest: You're gonna bring the right knee to the left shoulder?

Kathy: Right. Kinda, kinda crunch. Kinda crunch.

Jay: You know, I don't have any idea. Would you pull the skirt up a bit, just to get some sorta...

Kathy (to the first guest):There you go. There you go.

Jay: Alright, well we'll be right back after this. We'll be right back, right after this.