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"You know what I hate? I hate whiners, you know, people who just complain, complain, complain. There was this guy in the joint one time, in the cell next to me you know, he used to yap about everything. He used to yap about the food, yap about the guards, yap about this, yap about that, yap yap yap, all night long, fuckin' yap yap yap, like a fuckin' 747 you know what I mean? Like an engine, and it's right between your ears and you can't get away from it 'cause it's right next to ya, you know what I mean?"
-----Denis Leary, Judgment Night (1993)

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"Movies make the world go around...", I don't remember who told me that quote, but you can't deny the truth about films. The movie industry is booming, and so is movies on the web.

Welcome movie fans, to the ultimate movie webpage! You are here because you enjoy watching movies. Prepare to be entertained, for that is what a homepage about movies should be all about. Movies Links, Movie Reviews, Upcoming Movies, Movie Previews, Japanese Animation Flicks, Tribute to Underrated Actors and Actresses, IRC Movie Chat, Movie Pics, Movie Trailer Music, Movie Screensavers, Robocop Shrine, and much more.

Hope you enjoy the show. Happy Viewing.

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Kevman's Movie Domain

Kevman's Movie Domain

Kevman's Movie Domain

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"Excuse me, I have to go, somewhere there is a crime happening."
-----Peter Weller, Robocop (1987)

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