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"Behind every evil man, there is a woman that made him that way."
If you are sick and tired of trying to find the right girl like I am, then here are some sites that you will be sure to enjoy...
Realy good article type thingie
The url name says it all
Women are the root of all evil
Official web site of not having a girlfriend

"Always 10-20 Live Nude Girls Nightly"

This is just a web sites that has some nice pictures of some beautiful women and some other cool things. Please sign my guestbook so I know you were here. I know it seems like a drag, but it's realy cool to see new people in the book. So, please?

last updated 11-29-98
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Pamela Anderson
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Here are the girly pics!
Note: These are all decent pics, I put up only the best I can find

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By The Way, They Found Sam.

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