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Gina's 911 Paradise...

Hi all & Welcome to my 911 paradise!!!This is the place for all 911 fans or non 911 fans to unite and celebrate one the world greatest boyband which consist of three adorable & cute lads - Lee,Jimmy & Spike!!!Keep the 911 spirit alive!!!!! This page will always be update all the time so do bookmark this page and come back every now and then!.

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(know more about the boys!!!)
The Beginning
(know how they got together!)
The Song Book
(lyrics to songs in the album)
The New Song Book
(new lyrics to new songs!!)
The journey
(their tour dates!!)
Fanclub Information
(Info about the official Club)

Rumours & news!!
(Sizzling news &...)
The Gallery
(Cute & awesome pics for u!)
(read articles bout them!!)
Cool Links
(more cool sites to visit!)
Message Board
(Leave your message for 911!)
Friends Corner
(Meet new friends!!)
Funky Facts~!
(Amazing facts bout 911!)


Whoever that has articles, interviews about 911 or even your self experience with them,please them to me.

Click to learn more about their new single which was released on the 22nd of June!!

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If you have any pics of the guys,info,suggestions or comments...just go ahead and e-mail me!!!

ŠJanuary 1998

I'm not in any way related to 911,nor do I know them personally or any one close to them or have any contacts with anyone who knows them.But....If u want to write to them try this address:

911 Official Fan Club
PO Box 911
Glasgow G13PQ

I'm Gina and I own this 911 site !
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