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Welcome to Gonzo's Page O' Links! I hope you find this page useful This page is designed to help the common WEB user "CRAWL" around a bit easier. Included are several different links to many other sites of interest as well as the search engines used to navigate the WEB. I hope you enjoy it. Be on the look-out for my new Ambient/World Music Page that discusses the world of Ambient/World Music!! HAVE FUN!

Links to other sites on the Web

C/NET Central
Altavista Search Engine (My Favorite!)
My Search Page!
MTV's Home Page!!
My Ambient/World Music Page
Sony's Home Page(Check out new technology and your favorite artists!)

Thank You BHI Homesteading for the GREAT service!! I find the service to be very helpful...keep up the GREAT work! (c) 1996 Gonzo and B

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