Just what you have been waiting for! NEW 1997 SIMPSONS SOUNDS.

Homer: "I like those odds"

Ralf: "Me fail English, that unpossible"

Lisa: "Thats the stupidest thing that I ever heard"

Skinner: "I hardly ever let mother fight for me any more"

Otto: "Oh wow windows" (Great windows start up)

Simpsons cast saying goodbye


Some classic sounds from my original collection

Homer: "I gave my love a chicken, it had no bones"

Homer: "mmm chicken"

Homer: "I'm a chicken marge"

Homer: "It's five years later and I still think I'm a chicken"

Mr Burns: "Thank you sir, may I have another"

Homer: "I've always wondered if was is a God, and now I know, there is, and it's me"

Moe: "oohh for the love of God, somebody get the jaws of life"

Homer: "To the Simpson mobile"

Homer: "Baby to Marge, Baby to Marge, waa waa, over"


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