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...Click to enter 13......Thirteen it's not just a number, anymore. Click on the graphic to goto another part of this web site. This area (13) is dedicated to the Mysteries of the Unknown, Supernatural, Magical, Phenomenon, Occult and other Strange things that go bump in the night... Enter, but beware of the Darkness...

Bob's BS Logo
WELCOME to my GALLERY of DIGITAL FANTASIES. Click on the Graphic to enter... I have always been fascinated by Art, especially Fantasy and Science Fiction. I started drawing and painting the day I was born. In fact, Mom said I came into this world with a pencil and paint brush in one hand and a drawing pad in the other. Judging by all the art work I have scattered around the house I guess she was right..

I mostly paint with Acrylics. There is a Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention in Atlanta every year called Dragon Con. My friend Glen kept telling me I should go. So in 1994 I went to show my art at the convention. To my amazement, I won First Place in Sci. Fi. And Third Place for Fantasy with the same painting. To this day, He still tells me I told you so.. <......THANKS FOR DROPPING IN.......................................COME BACK ANYTIME.....

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