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Rod Munch's Temple of Beavis

The World Famous Beavis and ButtHead Logo So you thought the legacy of Beavis had ended. Well the boys memories shall live on through this site and our hearts. The temple now hopes to branch off to a larger sect, beyond that of Beavis and his cohort Mr. Head. Many of you who visit the site more than once may realize that updates do not occur frequently. This is due to my lack of time, imagination, and overall creativity. Keep heart though, for the Temple may receive new additions sporatically. Anyways, be sure to check out disko13's site, where you can download mp3's of his work and find out more about him. In closing, enjoy.

  • Here are the sections of the Temple of Beavis
    Good Old Garbage Man Beavis Euphemisms for "Monkey Spanking"
    The B&B PickUp Lines
    The Seven Deadly Sins According to Beavis
    The "I Need The Crap Beat Out Of Me" Award
    The Phrase of the Week (a.k.a. The Vanilla Ice Tribute)
    Take The B&B Quiz (with answers included)
    See The Rating Scales For the Quiz
    The Weiners of the "Special Beavis" Contest
    Beavis Sounds
    Beavis Pics
    Beavis Links
    Contact Rod Munch
    Rod Munch's WebPage

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