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Peter.Greenaway a British filmmaker and painter. Since him being a painter, his films inflict complex visual symbols. Like all great directors he insist and depend on his images to communicate his ideas. don’t expect Hollywood type movies,  If you are a film student peter Greenaway films are essentials. If you are a serious film fan then enjoy an exotic composition of artistic cinema.  Not for the fainted at heart!  

The Fall 1980, A Zed and Two Noughts 1985, The Pillow Book 1996, Drowning By Numbers 1988 

"If you  want to tell stories, be a writer, not a filmmaker"     Peter Greenaway.

A cool friend of mine, film communication school graduate, said in opposition to Greenaway quote: “If you can’t tell stories, be a shoe shiner and not a filmmaker” Mazen Whebe

I hang somewhere in between, I think cinema is a little bit of everything. Cinema is art in syndication. And if you are one of those who insist that cinema is an independent art form, here’s my theory; I would like to tell you that no art is independent, all arts concept, thus exists upon already conditionally subsistent physical and/or ideological elements, all arts relate to one another, direct or indirect. And this leads to an infinite loop, the classic; “who came first the chicken or the egg?”

Art is created by sampling...and so is everything else.  

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Films To Wag
The Day of The Locust (1975)  
Directed by John Schlesinger  

I have no idea why Hollywood green-lighted the production this movie, it's too anti-Hollywood. It takes up on the hype that surrounds the Hollywood industry, and the studio policy. It does even more, It pokes intensely deep inside our damaging fascinations with fame and power. And It feature two most horrifying and disturbing scenes: the first one is the Cock fight; which symbolizes our obsession, and the second, that last scene of the movie, I think I forgot to breath when I saw it for the first time. 
Donald Shuterland and Karen Black gave two excellent performances, unforgettable! A must see if you are a serious film fan, although as I mentioned before it’s very disturbing, be mentally prepared 


Last of the Red Hot Lovers(1972) 
Directed By Gene Saks 
A hilarious comedy, filled with wonderful memorable characters, very amusing and engaging. I loved the long shots; there are scenes that exceed 20 min in length.  The dialogues are witty and smarty that I wished they were longer. It feels like a Woody Allen film, It’s about a middle aged man, restaurant owner (Alan Arkin), at his age he thinks that life had passed him by without a scratch, so he decide to do something dangerous and exciting, cheating on his beloved good wife, he picks up women form public places and take them to his mother apartment when his mother is out at work. You really need to see and hear those women. 




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