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For 20 years Amy Grant has blessed us with a sensational voice, stirring and challenging lyrics, and most of all, a truly amazing faith in Christ.

Amy Grant released her first album at the age of 17, and ever since then her voice has been carried over thousands of radio stations all over the world. She holds the title of CCM Artist to have sold the most albums with over 17 million records sold(early '95 count). With the release of Heart in Motion she was "outlawed" by many in Christian circles, but through it her music and Christian message was presented to non-christians everywhere and MANY have been saved. She and her husband, Gary Chapman now have 3 children, Matt, Millie, and Sarah Cannon (named after Amy's dear friend, the late Minnie Pearl).

Throughout the 20 years Amy has been recording, she has been a role-model, an inspiration, and friend to many, all while proclaiming the name of Christ.


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