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Well now, hello there! I'm Jenn Harmer, also known as Rufio, LtjgRufio, Hammer, and some other incarnations that you might see in various places. Above is a drawing of the original Rufio, as seen in the movie "Hook" starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts.

Now for the fun stuff. :-)

I graduated in May, 1998 from Marist College with a B.A. in Communication Arts (Radio/TV/Film). Currently I work full-time for Marist College's Information Technologies Department.

I like many things, to list a bunch: seaQuest DSV, Star Wars, Apollo 13, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Ghostbusters, Amistad, ID4 (Independence Day), the Mighty Ducks movies, US Marshals, Newsies, South Park, Armageddon, Young Hercules, Lord of the Rings, computers, and the internet, music (both listening and recording), reading, hanging out (and partying) with friends, watching TV, and so much more I'd bore you to death with all the details. :-)

Other stuff

Cool Links! A page where I keep some pretty cool links, and where I am in the process of adding new links. Change is good.

My Special Page A place where have special projects and things I've done.

My Associations Page A page listing anything I'm associated with.

By Popular Demand....PICTURES

Thank you for visiting my page! I would appreciate any comments, questions, suggestions, or whatever. (Yes, this includes problems and complaints.)

This page is dedicated Jim Junot because this is my first page I ever created with his HTML packet he sent me. :-) Also ultra-special thanks to him for FTPing the Rufio drawing so that everyone can see it.

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