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Leisure Suit Larry, in my opinion, is the greatest computer game character ever invented, and without doubt, the greatest series ever made. Created by Al Lowe, the Leisure Suit Larry series has always been ahead of its time, and revolutionary in the field of interactive gaming.


Al Lowe

Al Lowe, writer/director/alter-ego of the series, is a genius, whose innovative techniques have always pushed LSL to the frontier of gaming. Creating such innovative techniques as the icon control (replacing the old typing method which existed before), and without doubt, one of the first to use adult trivia in order to access the game, Lowe has always thought ahead. In his newest creation, Leisure Suit Larry 7, Love For Sail, Lowe again re-invents the medium by introducing his new typing/graphical interface. By combining the two methods, Lowe creates a new method, which no doubt will be the newest craze in computer gaming.

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So What Are These Games About?

The Leisure Suit Larry series is all about this single guy name Larry Laffer. An ex-programmer, Larry is in search of true love, and rarely finds it. However, he does find a lot of other stuff along the way. The following is an analysis of what each of the games is about.

Leisure Suit Larry 1: In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards

This is the first of the series (thus the 1). You experience one night in the life of Larry Laffer, as he spends a night on the town, looking to lose a little something (and I don't mean his car keys). Released in 1987, this game is a classic, but you can also purchase the updated version which has much better graphics and interface.

Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)

My least favorite of the series, although still a great game. Larry has a little case of mistaken identity, as he is hunted by KGB agents who believe he is a top spy. I never really got this game, it has more of a cold war feeling, then a cheap porn feeling. However, it's quite funny, and definetly worth playing.

Leisure Suit Larry 3: In Pursuit Of Pulsating Pectorals

Passionate Patti, who is introduced at the end of the second game, is Larry's dream come true. She's beautiful, talented, beautiful, single, beautiful, and for some unknown reason, is unbelievably attracted to him (did I mention she's beautiful?). As Larry, you try to seduce the lovely Passionate Patti while exploring the commercialized Nottonyt Island. As Patti, search for Larry in the untamed jungles of the island. That's right, you get two for the price of one as you take on both roles in this revolutionary game.

Leisure Suit Larry 4???

These are a couple answers that I have heard as to the reason for the absense of a Larry 4. The list was provided to me by Paul Creary, but the answers have been presented by many others. If you have any theories, pass them along.
  1. I read in a magazine that there was such a big graphic improvement from LSL3 to LSL5 that as a joke they skipped LSL4 to show the new innovations that went into the game over the course of part 4.
  2. Sierra wanted to start Larry fresh all over again abandoning the storyline from the end of LSL3 and bringing him into the nineties with a new storyline.
  3. Maybe Al Lowe didn't want to get rid of Patti because he liked the character and he couldn't think of a way to separate Larry and Patti without dire circumstances so he skipped LSL4.
  4. In Space Quest 4, there was a virus that infected all the computers on Xenon and the virus was LSL4 so later in the game, Roger Wilco deletes it.
  5. Al Lowe told Sierra that he would never make a Leisure Suit Larry 4, but he was obviously convinced to make another Larry game so by keeping true to his word he skipped part 4 altogether. D. J. Ruden gave me the following answer to why there is no Larry 4:
  6. The real reason there was no larry 4 was because it was Laffer Utilites 4.0 instead. Laffer Utilities is considered lsl4.

Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work

The role reversals continue in this hilarious game. As Larry, you try to find the worlds sexiest woman, with a hidden camera and quick thinking. As Patti you just try to save the world. This is without doubt the funniest of the series. It also explains in some ways why there is no Leisure Suit Larry 4.

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up, or Slip Out

The most amazing computer game ever created. Nope, Patti does not return for this adventure, instead, six gorgeous babes take her place as Larry spends one week in the beautiful Costa Lotta health spa. If you can figure out how to help each of these wonderful women, they might just help you. There are a lot of hidden secrets to this game, which explains why it has a PC-17 rating.

Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail

Without doubt, my new favorite in this amazing series. It's funnier, it cheaper, and it's sleezier. All in all, an amazing acomplishment by those perverts down at Sierra. Three cheers for Al Lowe! Visit my special section devoted specifically to this game by clicking HERE!

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