Nonie's Leonardo Dicaprio Art Page

Hello and Welcome to Nonie's Leonardo Dicaprio Art Page !

So, You must be wondering - WHAT IS LEO ART ANYWAY ?!

Well - The answer is very simple folks: It's a collection of pictures I've made from alot of other pictures which are usually spread all around the net.

I've started doing these pictures after I've got some photo-editing programs. I wanted to learn how to use them and I needed some pictures to edit. Since I am a Dicaprio fan - I decided to use his pictures for that matter. After I have made some pictures, I showed them to some people on the web and they simply LOVED it! I was thinking: "Why should only few people enjoy these pictures... ? Let everybody enjoy them!", And so came the Leo Art Page idea.

For now, there are not really alot of pictures on this page but every time I make a new one, I will upload it. (And I AM planning on making much more). If you want to help me - I am looking for ideas for the new pictures so just write me if you have any. Also - If you have any Dicaprio pictures you would like to see in my next works - Just send 'em over and I promise to use them.

One last thing - These pictures are FREE ! You may save and use them on your own pages (And if you feel like it - Make a link back to this page ;-). Also - If you would like to get every new picture straight to your mailbox, check out the "Mailing List" feature.

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