Newsie Bloopers!
Newsie Bloopers
Here you will find lots of bloopers, screw-ups and tid bits from the movie Newsies.
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  • In "Carrying the Banner," Mush is very late. You see him run in right before "We need a good assassination..."
  • When Jack is singing "Sante Fe," he gets on a horse with his hat off, but suddenly it comes back on after he turns the corner!
  • During the fight when Brooklyn teams up with the Newsies, there are a few guys who have delayed reactions or something because when they get punched they don't react until a second later!
  • When Les is sitting eating and eating candy while watching Medda sing "My Lovey-Dovey Baby," to the left of him is a kid bouncing up and down. But wait! It's not a kid! It's a dummy (the ones they use for ventrilaquism)
  • While the Newsies are waiting in line to get their papes at the beginning of the movie, right after racetrack says, "Won't waist ya money," someone in the background yells, "Hey! Jackie just got laid!"
  • During "King of New York" you can see a hand on the back of Boots' chair.
  • During "Seize the Day" you can see Crutchy walking and dancing on BOTH legs!
  • During "Carrying the Banner" when Kid Blink sings "Something to wake me up," a kid near him sings it too!
  • During "Carrying the Banner" when Kid Blink sings "I smell money" you can see Mush with his pants down!
  • After Dave helps Crutchy up in "Seize the Day" you can see Crutchy walking behind everybody on BOTH legs!
  • After "King of New York" when the Newsies are toasting, everyone but Kid Blink gets a glass, so he has to share with Mush!
  • Doesn't Jack get hit in the chin at the Newsies rally? Then why does he have a black eye?
  • In "Carrying the Banner" when Crutchy sings, his lips are unsynchronized with the words!
  • When Jack has dinner at David's house it's raining, but somehow in "Sante Fe" he manages to kick up some dust whil dancing!
  • During "King of New York" after the guys (lead by Mush) hop up onto the table, they all roll off the table to the sides except for Bumlets. He goes under the table because he has to be spinning on the fan in the next shot.
  • The guy who buys papers and is the first one to throw them down and join the Newsies strike is the same guy Racetrack gives a copy of the Newsie Banner!
  • When Dave a Jack are talking on the balcony of Daves house you can see a person brushing her hair, it's Sara. When David goes in, you can see in the same window but magicaly Sara turns into David's mom, Les, and David! Isn't that amazing!! -Submitted by JelloGrl86
  • In "Carrying the Banner" at the scene with the nuns, someone told me that the same boy crosses himself. I can't fin it but maybe you can. -Submitted by Jo
  • During the scene when Mush and the others are getting the "Newsie Banner" to pass out, Mush gets his then a few people get some and then he shows up again with Kid Blink. -Submitted by BeachbnyCA
  • While Racetrack and Jack are singing, "It's my city, I'm the king of New York," you can see Boots standing beside them. Then it cuts to him sitting in the chair singing about a suit! Submitted by Swinger
  • In "Seize The Day", when the guys are being launched from the back to the front, take notice the second pair being launched, Specs is on the left. On of the boys launching Specs is Bumlets. But look to Jack's right on "Don't be afraid and don't delay." It's Bumlets! Now how'd he get there?! Submitted by Swinger
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