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This page contains links to places that I have found, that I like and/or that I usually go to. image

image Intercontinental Conferencing Services
This is a free chat room serves that I go to frequently. If you ever want to meet me then your pest bet is to go there. I can be found in the Teen Scene.

image CD now This is where you can search for movies and music on the internet and buy both from here if you wish to.

image Harmony Central This is a place where you can find tablitures for guitars, pianos, etc. You can also find lyrics and information about song as well as anything else that pertains to music.

image Hot Mail This is a place where you can get E-Mail for FREE! This is where I got my E-Mail.

image Project Anime On-line This is a really cool place to go if you like animation whether American or Japanimation.

imageMasaaki Tanaka's Animation HomePage! Another animation homepage. I like this one as well as the others.

imageVirtual Flowers. This is a nice place to go. You can send people flowers over the internet for free!

imageSailor Moon links: this is a list of Sailor Moon links that I have found.


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