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Works of Denis McLoughlin

Denis McLoughlin's Comics

The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, as an American trying to collect the work of a British comic artist from over 4,000 miles away, my knowledge is subject to obvious limitations. If you find errors in these listings, or can add to them, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks, Matthew H. Gore

Some Abbreviations to remember . . .

The Lightning Comics, Kangaroo Books
nn19468 pages of Denis McLoughlin art.

Swift Morgan, Roy Carson, Buffalo Bill, and a few others!
T. V. Boardman-Popular Press 3d Series
Number 1, February 1948- number 44, October 1951; number 45, February 1953- number 61?, 1954. Issues 1-8 are not numbered. Format # 1-44, 12 pages, two-color rotogravure; # 45 up 28 pages, color cover with black and white interior.
1Roy Carson*"Smashing the Crime Wave with Roy Carson"[Feb. 1948]
2Swift Morgan*"In the Lost World"[March 1948]
3Roy Carson*"Meets Cheetah, Queen of Spies"[April 1948]
4Swift Morgan*"And the Ancient Romans"[May 1948]
5Roy Carson*"Strikes Again"[June 1948]
6Swift Morgan*"And the Ancient Egyptians"[July 1948]
7Roy Carson*"Versus the Marquis"[Aug. 1948]
8Buffalo Bill"In the Wild West" (Swiss Reprint)Oct. 1948
9Swift Morgan*"And the Feathered Serpent"[Nov. 1948]
10Buffalo Bill**"In Nebraska" (Swiss Reprint)[Dec. 1948]
11Blackhawk**"And the Satana Gang" (U.S. Reprint with McLoughlin splash)[Jan. 1949]
12Spirit**"And the Gunman's War Bride" (U.S. Reprint, WarBrides, with McLoughlin splash)[Feb.] 1949
13Roy Carson*"And the Cornish Smugglers"[March 1949]
14Buffalo Bill**"And the Border Bandit" (Swiss Reprint)[April 1949]
15Blackhawk*"Meets Madam Butterfly" (Redrawn U.S. Reprint)[May 1949]
16Swift Morgan*"In Atlantis"[June 1949]
17Spirit**"The Masked Crime Buster" (U.S. Reprint with McLoughlin splash)[July] 1949
18Blackhawk"Meets Twilight" (U.S. Reprint)[Aug. 1949]
19Buffalo Bill*"Meets Yellowhand"[Sept. 1949]
20Blackhawk"Versus Skaggs Raiders"(U.S. Reprint)[Oct. 1949]
21Blackhawk"and the Air Pirates"(U.S. Reprint)[Nov. 1949]
22Buffalo Bill**"And the Bank Robbers" (Swiss Reprint)[Dec. 1949]
23Roy Carson*"And the Case of the Educated Ape"[Jan. 1950]
24Buffalo Bill**"Rides Again" (Swiss Reprint)[Feb. 1950]
25Blackhawk"and the Director of Evil"(U.S. Reprint)[March 1950]
26Buffalo Bill**"And the Indian Idol" (Swiss Reprint)[April 1950]
27Blackhawk"and the Desert Terror" (U.S. Reprint)[May 1950]
28Blackhawk"and the Fire Bug" (U.S. Reprint)[June 1950]
29Buffalo Bill**"Outwits the Cheyenne" (Swiss Reprint)[July 1950]
30Swift Morgan* "And the Flying Saucers"[Aug. 1950]
31Buffalo Bill**"And the Doomed Patrol" (Swiss Reprint)[Sept. 1950]
32Blackhawk"And the Germ Killers" (U.S. Reprint)[Oct. 1950]
33Buffalo Bill*"And the Bandits of Monterey"[Nov. 1950]
34Roy Carson*"And the Return of Annette"[Dec. 1950]
35Buffalo Bill*"And the Iron Cayuse"[Jan. 1951]
36Roy Carson*"And the Boxing Racketeers"Feb. 1951
37Buffalo Bill*"And the Masked Riders"[March 1951]
38Swift Morgan*"And the Greek Wars"April 1951
39Buffalo Bill"And the Phantom" (Ron Embleton art)[May 1951]
40Blackhawk"The Prison of Despair" (U.S. Reprint)[June 1951]
41Buffalo Bill*"And the Crooked Deputy"[July 1951]
42Blackhawk"And the Flying Eagles" (U.S. Reprint)[Aug. 1951]
43Buffalo Bill*"And the Circle 6 Rustler"[Sept. 1951]
44Blackhawk"and the Phanton Clock" (U.S. Reprint)[Oct. 1951]
45Buffalo Bill Comic*"The Bandit's Loot"***Jan. 1953
46Roy Carson Comic*"Roy Carson and the Missing Will"Jan. 1953
"Roy Carson vs. the Empress"
47Blackhawk(U.S. Reprint)[Feb. 1953]
48Crack Western(U.S. Reprint)[Feb. 1953]
49Buffalo Bill Comic*"Treasure of Coyote Mountain"***March 1953
50Swift Morgan Space Comic* "The Planet of Destiny"March 1953
"Sam English, Museum Rover"
51Crack Western(U.S. Reprint)[1953]
52Swift Morgan Spaceways Comic*"Beast from Outer Space"Nov. 1953
Roy Carson"Roy Carson Meets Waldo the Mystic"
53[1953 or 1954]
54 Roy Carson Comic*"Roy Carson Meets Waldo the Mystic"1954
Swift Morgan"Swift Morgan on the Isle of Giants"
55Crack Western(U.S. Reprint)[1954]
56Plastic Man(U.S. Reprint)[1954]
57Blackhawk(U.S. Reprint)[1954]
59Blackhawk(U.S. Reprint)[1954]
60Plastic Man(?)(U.S. Reprint)[1954]
61Blackhawk(U.S. Reprint)[1954]

Adventure Annual Series Popular Press
These volumes, traditional British comic and story annuals, were published each year in time for Christmas shopping. They are cloth bound with full-color painted covers and probably came with dust jackets that duplicated the illustrations on the board covers. These dust jackets, however, are seldom found. Interior contents are a mix of original British material (often by McLoughlin) and reprints from American comics, usually Quality and Fox. Primary distribution came through the Woolworth's chain where toys matching characters and vehicles from the stories were also on sale. Little is known about the original pricing of the volumes although some are thought to have been priced at 7/6. No issues were numbered or dated and the order given here may not be entirely accurate. It is clear, however, that the order of issues presented in several British fanzines and publications is hopelessly wrong. It seems likely that the two Supercoloured Comic Annuals and the New Spaceways Comic Annual should be considered part of this series. This would give it an unbroken run of one annual a year from 1950 to 1959 which would nearly correspond with the Buffalo Bill series. Because I now have copies of each of these annuals with dated gift inscriptions, I am sure that my estimate of dates is fairly accurate. British collector Paul Annis' research almost confirms these dates.
Paul Annis on Okay Annual of Adventure Stories (Trooper in Town/Highwayman): The annual is closer in design and layout to the later Buffalo Bill annuals published after 1954 than it is to the earlier ones. For example, it has a full-colour front endpaper and a black and white rear endpaper. Like the BBWW annuals from #8 (1956) onwards, it has the publisher's name and address in a colophon at the foot of the last page. The first seven BBWW annuals print the publisher's name and address on the reverse of the title page. It cannot therefore be earlier than 1956. The colophon identifies T.V. Boardman as the publisher and does not mention Dean, so it cannot be later than 1957.
  • The address given for T.V. Boardman in the colophon in BBWWA #8 (1956) is 14 Cockspur St.
  • The address given for T.V. Boardman in the colophon in BBWWA #9 (1957) is 37 Hertford St.
  • The address given for T.V. Boardman in the colophon in Okay Annual of Adventure Stories is 37 Hertford St.,
so it must have been published in the same year, 1957. [Except: A) I now have five copies of this annual all with 1958 gift inscriptions; B) When Paul wrote this, we were unsure that the last annual, the second Okay Annual of Adventure Stories existed. I have four copies of this last annual, most with 1960 gift inscriptions. I suspect that it was remaindered at Christmas 1960. Denis McLoughlin confirms that left-over annuals were sold off at a discount the following year.]
(1)1952*Ajax Adventure AnnualElephant Cover
(2)1953*Adventure Annual"The Robot Empire" Swift Morgan
"Roy Carson and the Old Master"
(3)1954*New Spaceways Comic Annual #1Swift Morgan cover.
See listing under New Spaceways
(4)1955*Okay Adventure AnnualSaurian Expedition cover.
(5)1956*Okay Adventure AnnualLast Stand of Major Wilson cover.
(6)1957*Okay Adventure AnnualCowboy (front)/Roman Ship (back)
(7)1958*Okay Annual of Adventure StoriesTrooper in Town/Highwayman
(8)1959*Okay Annual of Adventure StoriesNative American/Diver

Buffalo Bill Comic, Moring
nn1955*68 page reprint.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual, Popular Press/Dean

Nearly identical in design to the Adventure Annual series, Buffalo Bill Annual was T.V. Boardman's most successful comic/story annual series. Beginning in 1949, the Buffalo Bill series lasted until 1961. Unlike the Adventure series, Buffalo Bill was produced almost entirely in England (except for portions of the 1952 issue which were reprinted from American sources).

As good as Denis McLoughlin's work on other Boardman titles was, it steps up to another level in the Buffalo Bill Annuals. Here McLoughlin's passion for the American West found the outlet it had been denied in the three pence rotogravure series. Only comic stories are listed here but McLoughlin provided dozens of text illustrations, decorated maps, and paintings in each volume.

Boardman also lavished production values on these annuals allowing more full-color painted artwork, more four-color comic stories, and more original material. Rather than the superficial treatment of the American West found in other children's publications, McLoughlin, with writers Arthur Groom, Rex James, and Colin McLoughlin (Denis' brother), produced intelligent and historically accurate pieces.

Unlike the Adventure Annual series, Buffalo Bill is always dated and/or numbered.

Note: Many thanks to Paul Annis for providing information about the 1954, 1957, and 1959 annuals.

11949*by Arthur Groom,
Illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Enter Buffalo Bill (origin)
Weapons of the West
Bandit Game
Round Up
Calamity Jane (origin)
Lessons of Buffalo Bill
Cowboy's Kit
Terror of the Range
Wild Bill's First 'Killing'
Chief White Owl
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
21950*by Arthur Groom,
illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Red Men of the West
Historical Wanderers
Oregon Trail
Bad Men
They Brought Law to the West
Curiosities of the West
$15,000,000 Ranch
31951*by Arthur Groom,
illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Battle of Beecher's Island
Wells Fargo Company
Great Indian Flood
Coffin Crooks
Indian Joe
41952* by Arthur Groom,
illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Cannonball Green
Counterfeit Whip (U.S. reprint)
Two-Gun Lil- Six-Guns From the Sky (U.S. reprint)
Great Cochise
Bob Allen Frontier Marshal- Fastest Gun in the West (U.S. reprint)
Bob Allen Frontier Marshal- Gun-Slinger's Gratitude (U.S. reprint)
Saga of Salt Lake City
51953*no writing credit,
illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Deadwood Coach
Cherokee Strip
Man From Texas
Highlights of a Dangerous Life
Ghost Riders
Pony Express
Dime Novel King (Ned Buntline)
61954*by Arthur Groom,
Illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Second Sitting Bull
Buffalo Bill--Indian Fighter
Benson Stage
Wordless Language
Arizona Cattle War
They Led the Red Men
Boy General
Whispering Wires
One Man Against a Nation
71955*illustrated by Denis McLoughlin,
stories by Rex James,
with Picture Stories
by Colin McLoughlin
Renegade Ranger
Red Medicine
Death Valley Scotty
Frontier Scouts
The Innocents
The Saga of Tombstone
Goodnight of Texas
81956*by Rex James,
illustrated by Denis
McLoughlin, comic
stories by Colin
Mountain Men
Long Haired Sheriff
Pony Express
Little Wolf Goes Home
Texas Killer
Bullion of Panamint
Other Redmen (RCMP)
Frontier Forts
91957*by Rex James,
Illustrated by Denis
McLoughlin, comic
stories by Colin
Secret of the Superstitions
Two-Fisted Marshal
Silent Gunman
Indian Scout
Dude Sheriff
Apache Kid
101958*by Rex James,
illustrated by Denis
McLoughlin, comic
stories by Colin
Lord of Lost River
Tamer of El Paso
Ghost Towns
Iron Horse
Lone Rider
Indian Boyhood
Death Song
111959*by Rex James,
illustrated by Denis
McLoughlin, comic
stories by Colin
Queens of the Mississippi
Wild Bill
Tales to their Hide
Frontier Sergeant
Second Sitting Bull (reprint from #6)
Highlights of a Dangerous Life
Frontier Laughs
121960*stories by Rex James,
with Picture Stories and Enterprise
by Colin McLoughlin,
Illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
Sierra Rein
Sons of Grizzlies
Texas Townships
Frontier Medics
The Wild West
131961*illustrated by Denis McLoughlin
stories by Rex James
Volume titled "Buffalo Bill True West Annual"
Lost Mines
Deadlier than the Six-Gun
Stage West
nn1956(?)Moring: reprints 8 of the Boardman Buffalo Bill Rotogravures.Volume titled Buffalo Bill Album

Commando: War Stories in Pictures D.C. Thomson and Co., Ltd.
These digest-sized comics have been part of the British comics market since July of 1961. They are still being issued at the rate of four issues every two weeks and, so far, there are over 3,000 issues. The issues listed here are those known to have art by Denis McLoughlin based on information drawn from my collection and from the notes of Mr. McLoughlin. Every attempt has been made to be accurate but several mistakes have obviously crept in. Also, since Mr. Mcloughlin was never informed as to when his stories were going to be reprinted, his notes lack data about the reprinted issues. All dates listed here are approximate. Corrections and additions are welcome! Many thanks to Paul Annis for debugging this list!
1623 Fight Back Late July 1982
1638 Time-bomb Early September 1982
1656 Guns Along the River Late November 1982
1671 On The Trail Of The Treasure Late January 1983
1680 Find the Raiders (reprinted in 2971) Late February 1983
1688 Island of Mystery (reprinted in 2948) Late March 1983
1704 The Die-Hards Late May 1983
1710 Obey Orders (reprinted in 2876) Early June 1983
1718 Conquerors (reprinted in 2916) Early July 1983
1727 A Man Afraid (reprinted in 2899) Late August 1983
1741 The Hawk and the Dove Early October 1983
1744 Tank Killer Late October 1983
1758 Find Them, Sink Them! Early December 1983
1766 For Freedom (reprinted in 3012) Late January 1984
1768 In Enemy Uniform (reprinted in 2995) Late January 1984
1775 A Whole Lot of Trouble Late February 1984
1785 Boss of the Islands (reprinted in 3004) Late March 1984
1797 Band of Warriors Early May 1984
1805 Raider On The Prowl Early June 1984
1813 Secret Base (reprinted in 3059) Early July 1984
1818 Good Soldier Late July 1984
1830 When Lightning Strikes! (reprinted in 3043) Early September 1984
1837 Bomber Crew (reprinted in 3091) Early October 1984
1846 Island of Heroes (reprinted in 3100) Early November 1984
???? Delayed Action (reprinted in 3108) Unknown 1984
1862 Ice-Cold Courage Early January 1985
1871 River of Blood (reprinted in 3131) Late February 1985
1886 Atlantic Hurricane Early April 1985
1894 Sergeants Don't Run Early May 1985
1902 Northern Patrol Early June 1985
1909 Into Bandit Country (reprinted in 3163) Early July 1985
1917 Roar of the Tempest Early August 1985
1934 The Flying Coffin Early October 1985
1938 Stand By. . . Fire! Late October 1985
1945 Wanted, Dead and Alive (reprinted in 3228) Late November 1985
1957 Misfits Early January 1986
1966 Run for it! Early February 1986
1974 Treasure of the Chateau Early March 1986
1984 Man with the Power Late April 1986
1989 Schoolboy at Sea Early May 1986
1997 Knights of the Desert Sky Early June 1986
2007 Colin's Luck Late July 1986
2022 Ghost of Evil Early September 1986
2030 Top-Secret Base Early October 1986
2034 Counter-Attack! Late October 1986
2040 Sub Versus Sub Late November 1986
2047 Lord of the Headhunters Late December 1986
2055 Fighting Partners Late January 1987
2064 A Bunch of Bandits Late February 1987
2069 Homeward Bound Early March 1987
2089 Top-Secret U-Boat Late May 1987
2094 Mystery Warrior Early June 1987
2104 War in the Snow Late July 1987
2109 Back From Beyond Early August 1987
2118 Soldier of the Emperor Early September 1987
2126 Desert Strike Force Early October 1987
2130 Special Mission Late October 1987
2141 Chef who went to War Early December 1987
2149 VLR Very Long Range Early January 1988
2166 Sound the Alarm Early March 1988
2169 Carrier Squadron Late March 1988
2175 Warship on Wheels Late April 1988
2184 Seaplane to the Rescue Late May 1988
2191 One Good Turn Late June 1988
2201 When the Shooting Starts Late July 1988
2207 Babyface Bailey Late August 1988
2216 Nazi Hunt Late September 1988
2226 Warner's War Late October 1988
2229 Call to Battle Early November 1988
2237 Lost at Sea Early December 1988
2249 Frozen with Fear Late January 1989
2264 Phantom Panthers Late March 1989
2269 Beware the Traitor Early April 1989
2280 Escape from Singapore Late May 1989
2289 A Lucky Break Late June 1989
2294 Search and Rescue Early July 1989
2305 Nightmare Flight Late August 1989
2313 Operation "Viking" Late September 1989
2327 Doomed Destroyer Late November 1989
2346 Cross of Fire Late January 1990
2357 Fighting Inventor Early March 1990
2365 Footsloggers Early April 1990
2375 Past Crimes Late May 1990
2384 Out-Gunned Late June 1990
2398 Days of Fear Early August 1990
2408 Yankee Destroyer Late September 1990
2421 Field Gunner Early November 1990
2433 Death on the Wind Late December 1990
2447 Lost Bomber Late February 1991
2458U-Boat Base Late March 1991
2471 Outcast! Late May 1991
2487 Snatch Squad Late July 1991
2498 Wrong War Late August 1991
2506 Glide into Danger Late September 1991
2520 Run the Gauntlet Late November 1991
2529 Teeth of the Dragon Late December 1991
2552 Vampire Hunt Late March 1992
2561 Kill the Fuhrer! Late April 1992
2577 Follow the Drum Late June 1992
2585 Shadow War Late July 1992
2601 Last-Ditch Defenders Late September 1992
2614 Bailey's Raiders Early November 1992
2633 Shock Force Late January 1993
2640 Grenade! Late February 1993
2655 Action Team Late April 1993
2671 Werewolf Mission Late June 1993
2688 Shock Force U.K.! Late August 1993
2702 Operation Manhunt Early October 1993
2710 Deadly Double-Cross Early November 1993
2728Shock Force Showdown: Yuri's Revenge Late January 1994
2736 Storm Force Late February 1994
2758 Operation Eclipse Early May 1994
2765 To Lead the Way Early June 1994
2782 Operation Navaho Early August 1994
2799 Close Action Late October 1994
2814 Destination Siberia Early December 1994
2830 Rebellion! Early February 1995
2845 Oil Rig Raiders Early April 1995
2853 Death Ride Early May 1995
2876 Obey Orders! (reprints 1710) Early August 1995
2882 Fighting Bucket Late August 1995
2895 Hostage Hunt Late October 1995
2899 A Man Afraid (reprints 1727) Early November 1995
2912 Grudge Team Late December 1995
2916 The Conquerors (reprints 1718) Early January 1996
2927 Secret Saboteur Late February 1996
2942 Soldiers of Fortune Early April 1996
2948 Island of Mystery (reprints 1688) Early May 1996
2960 Born to Battle Late June 1996
2971 Find the Raiders! (reprints 1680) Early August 1996
2982 Sentence of Death Early September 1996
2994 Fighting Mountie Late October 1996
2995 In Enemy Uniform (reprints 1768) Early November 1996
3004 Boss of the Islands (reprints 1785) Early December 1996
3012 For Freedom (reprints 1766) Early January 1997
3015 Runaway Rebel Late January 1997
3034 Thief Taker Late March 1997
3043 When Lightning Strikes! (reprints 1766) Early May 1997
3048 Lone Volunteer Late May 1997
3059 The Secret Base (reprints 1813) Early July 1997
3073 Eskimo Scouts Undetermined 1997
3082 Victory and Vengeance Late September 1997
3091 Bomber Crew (reprints 1837) Early November 1997
3096 Tough Justice Late November 1997
3100 Island Of Heroes (reprints 1846) Early December 1997
3108 Delayed Action (reprints ????) Early January 1998
3114 Ben's Battle Late January 1998
3127 Tracks of Terror Late March 1998
3131 River of Blood (reprints 1871) Early April 1998
3151 Renegade Knights Late June 1998
3163 Into Bandit Country (reprints 1909) Early August 1998
3228 Wanted Dead and Alive (reprints 1945) Early April 1999
3244 Stand By . . . Fire (reprints 1938) Early June 1999
3250 Rebel Raiders Late June 1999
Annual Duel in the Sun Annual 1989

The GT Ltd. Albums

I know very little about this series except that it does exist and that it reprints certain of the Boardman 3d Rotogravure issues.
nn Sharpshooters Western Album Reprints #41, 43, and 49 Date Unknown
nn Trigger Western Album Reprints #35, 45, and 31 Date Unknown

Moring Reprint Series
Moring reprinted material from Boardman's Rotogravure series and only in one known instance managed to secure a new McLoughlin Swift Morgan story. This story was actually a Boardman reject and was reproduced from art that Denis would have considered unfinished. Almost certainly, more titles exist than are listed here. See the Buffalo Bill, Roy Carson, and Swift Morgan sections for more Moring listings.
nn1956?Ace Adventure AlbumReprints the cover from one of the Okays. Hardcover.
nn1956?Action AlbumSwift Morgan, Roy Carson and Buffalo Bill Reprints. Softcover.
nn1956?All Action ComicMcLoughlin Reprints. Softcover, 68 pages.
nn1956?All Worlds AlbumNew McLoughlin Swift Morgan story. Softcover.

New Spaceways Comic Annual Popular Press
Again, these volumes are traditional British comic and story annuals. They are especially noteworthy for the inclusion of some Quality super-hero reprints including Doll Man by Reed Crandall and Plastic Man by Jack Cole. Chop Chop, the comic sidekick from Quality's Blackhawk also appears here with art that seems to have been executed by Matt Baker.
11954all reprints, 1954 copyright"Swift Morgan and the Flying Saucers"
"Swift Morgan and the Ancient Egyptians"
"Roy Carson Strikes Again"
21955??may exist but very rare

The Purnell Annuals--the Thrilling Western Series

Shortly after T.V. Boardman ceased publication of all comic annuals, Purnell purchased Dean (Dean, it should be noted, had published the last four of the "Buffalo Bill" Annuals). Despite still having plenty of work provided by Boardman for their Bloodhound Mystery series of hardcovers, paperbacks, and pulp magazines, McLoughlin was enticed to work on a number of comic annual projects for Purnell. I've never actually seen one of these annuals so I can't confirm the information here. It does, however, come from fairly reliable sources.
1969, published September 1968. Bonanza Annual McLoughlin cover only!
1963 (1), published September 1962. The Dakotas Annual McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations for one story, and three comic stories.
1964 (2) published September 1963. The Dakotas Annual McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations, and comic stories.
1964 (1) published September 1963. Gunsmoke Annual "New Stories Based on the Famous Television Series." Again, McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations, and comic stories. It should also be pointed out that some parties consider the first Gunsmoke Annual to be McLoughlin's finest work in western comics.
1965 (2) published September 1964. Gunsmoke Annual Still more McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations, and comic stories.
1966 (3) published September 1965. Gunsmoke Annual Yet more McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations, and comic stories.
1967 (4) published September 1966. Gunsmoke Annual Again more McLoughlin endpapers, text illustrations, and comic stories.

Red Dagger Library--D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 1979-June 1984

Thomson reprinted serial stories from their weekly comics in 64 page, single issue comics. Three of McLoughlin's stories were selected and reprinted. Both the story titles and issue numbers listed here are correct. However, the relationship of story to issue might be shuffled, sorry.
9 "Terror in the Tall Tower" ?
13 "The Frozen Man on the Mountain" British Secret Service Agent, Jake Jeffords
17 "The Secret of Black Island" British Secret Service Agent, Jake Jeffords

Roy Carson Comic, Moring
nn1954*68 page reprint.

Spaceways Comic Album , Popular Press
11953*content unknown
21954*content unknown

Supercoloured Comic Annual, T. V. Boardman
If "coloured" can be read to mean two-colored then this title might be accurate. Boardman rebound newsagent returns of his three pence series with a smattering of new material to produce these albums. So, it is quite possible to find different content in each of the issues listed. Information on issue number three contributed by Francis Hertzberg.
(1)1949*Bound returns with some new material.
(2)1950*"Swift Morgan and the Knights of the Round Table"
+ bound returns.
(3)1951*Six bound returns, two U.S. reprints. Blackhawk and the Screaming Demon (text illustrations by McLoughlin Roy Carson and the Phantom Pearls (text illustrations by McLoughlin

The Weekly Comic Papers

Weekly comics are a tradition that has endured in Britain from the earliest days of comics publishing to the present. It may seem strange to Americans that the Golden Age of British weekly comics is generally considered to be about 1900 to 1914. After T.V. Boardman ceased publication of all remaining lines in 1967, Denis McLoughlin found work in the world of traditional British comics that lasted until about 1982/83. Listed here are the serials drawn by McLoughlin for British weekly comics. Unfortunately, my most detailed information ends in late-1977. Additions and corrections are, of course, welcome.
"Saber, King of the Jungle" Tiger IPC June 17th. 1967 Saber begins. McLoughlin takes over the strip at a later date.
"Big Hit Swift" Tiger and Jag IPC circa 1969
"Fury's Family" Lion and Thunder- Thunder (story begins in the first issue under this title) IPC March 20th - October 21st 1971
"Power the Danger Ranger" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. May 18th - July 20th 1974; eight installments
"Terror in a Tall Tower" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. September 28th, 1974-January 25th, 1975; sixteen installments
"Black Jaguar" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. January 25th, 1975; one installment
"It's Only Zeke" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. February 1st -March 29th, 1975; eight installments
"Sign of the Shark" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. June 14th -October 25th, 1975; twenty-two installments; 1st Jake Jeffords story by McLoughlin
"The Frozen Man" (story originally appeared in text form in Rover in 1973) Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. November 29th, 1975-April 17th, 1976; eighteen installments, Jake Jeffords
"Saber" Vulcan IPC 1975-76; reprints
"Frankie and Johnny" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 16th, 1976-January 1st, 1977; twelve installments
"Wolf Boy" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. 1977; fourteen installments
"Hounds of Hangman's Peak" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. 1977; eleven installments
"Iron Fist" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 15th, 1977
"The Green Lizard" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 15th, 1977
"Hunter's War" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 22nd, 1977
"The Hit Man" Bullet D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 22nd, 1977
"Fireball" Bullet D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. October 22nd, 1977
"Walking Bombs" Crunch D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. begins January 20th, 1979; 1st issue of Crunch
"Hammer" Buddy D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. February 14th, 1981 (1st issue of Buddy)
"The Ironfish" Buddy D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Wingfoot" Buddy D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"The Fighting Frazers" Buddy D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. begins in #47, c. January 1982
"Shark" Bullet D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Wrecker Wrenton" Bullet D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Devil's Spur" Bullet D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Speedy" Scoop D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Steelhead Sam" Victor D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Shark" Warlord D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Pharaoh's Curse" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
"Computer" Wizard D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.

The Comic Annuals

Denis McLoughlin art is likely in any of the Christmas annuals that correspond to the titles above. I'll list material here only as the McLoughlin content is confirmed.
"Saber, King of the Jungle" Text Illustrations Tiger Annual IPC 1970

Alphabetic Guide to Bill, Roy, and Swift
Bandit's Loot (Buffalo Bill) Buffalo Bill Comic # 45, January 1953
Beast from Outer Space (Swift Morgan) Swift Morgan Spaceways Comic # 52, November 1953
In the Lost World (Swift Morgan) Rotogravure # 2, March 1948
Planet of Destiny (Swift Morgan) Swift Morgan Space Comic # 50, March 1953
Robot Empire (Swift Morgan) Adventure Annual (#2) 1953
Roy Carson and the Old Master Adventure Annual (#2) 1953
Roy Carson and the Case of the Educated Ape Rotogravure # 23, January 1950
Roy Carson and the Missing Will Roy Carson Comic # 46, January 1953
Roy Carson And the Cornish Smugglers Rotogravure # 13, March 1949
Roy Carson And the Boxing Racketeers Rotogravure # 36, February 1951
Roy Carson And the Return of Annette Rotogravure # 34, December 1950
Roy Carson Meets Waldo the Mystic Swift Morgan Spaceways Comic # 52, November 1953
Roy Carson Comic # 54, 1954
Roy Carson Meets Cheetah, Queen of Spys Rotogravure # 3, April 1948
Roy Carson Strikes Again Rotogravure # 5, June 1948
New Spaceways Comic Annual # 1, 1954
Roy Carson Versus the Marquis Rotogravure # 7, August 1948
Roy Carson vs. the Empress Roy Carson Comic # 46, January 1953
Sam English, Museum Rover Swift Morgan Space Comic # 50, March 1953
Smashing the Crime Wave with Roy Carson Rotogravure # 1, February 1948
Swift Morgan and the Knights of the Round Table Supercoloured Comic Album (#2) 1950
Swift Morgan and the Greek Wars Rotogravure # 38, April 1951
Swift Morgan And the Flying Saucers Rotogravure # 30, August 1950
New Spaceways Comic Annual # 1, 1954
Swift Morgan And the Ancient Egyptians Rotogravure # 6, July 1948
New Spaceways Comic Annual # 1, 1954
Swift Morgan And the Feathered Serpent Rotogravure # 9, November 1948
Swift Morgan And the Ancient Romans Rotogravure # 4, May 1948
Swift Morgan In Atlantis Rotogravure # 16, June 1949
Swift Morgan on the Isle of Giants Roy Carson Comic # 54, 1954
Treasure of Coyote Mountain (Buffalo Bill) Buffalo Bill Comic # 49, March 1953

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