Jon Bon Jovi

Jon was born John Francis Bongiovi on March 2nd 1962,(Pisces) Perth Amboy. His nickname in high school and used by close friends and family is Johnny. Jon is 1.78m (5’10”). Other Info: Jon has a Superman tattoo on his upper left arm which he has had since July 1987, during the Slippery When Wet tour. A Steer’s head tattoo on his upper right arm, during New Jersey era. And another tattoo on the front of his ankle, also from New Jersey era. Jon shaved (waxed?) his chest hair in fall of 1995 for the movie “The Leading Man”. Jon’s character is rather shy and boyish with strong family loyalty.

Parents: Jon’s mother, Carol was a florist and a former model and Playboy bunny from Pennsylvania. John Snr, was a hairdresser from Sciacca, near Agrigento in Italy. Carol and John got to know each other at the US Marine Corps. Mr and Mrs Bongiovi lived in Sayreville NJ until March 1989 when their house was raffled on MTV. Then moved to Holmdel, NJ. Where they are now living. Siblings: Anthony Michael was born October 11th 1966. Anythony designed the original Bon Jovi Logo. Matthew (Matty) was born August 30th 1974. He became Jon’s road-manager in 1996. Matthew has a Jambco tattoo on his left arm. Other Relatives: Nana Bongiovi, John Sr.’s mum died in April 1996. Tony Bongiovi is Jon’s cousin and co-owner of The Power Station where Jon started working. Barry Bongiovi and Joseph Bongiovi. Girlfriends: Jon dated Dorothea Hurley from 1980-1985 then actress Diane Lane for ten months from the end of 1985 until early 1986. Then Dorothea Hurley from 1986 - 1989.

Wife: Jon and Dorothea were married on August 29th 1989. Dorothea was born on September 29th, 1962. Her parents are Donald and Dorothy and she had 3 older sisters. Dorothea has a couple of different nicknames, Thea, Dot, Dacki, Dotty. She likes Shirley McLane books, James Joyce, she studied photography in 1986 and came in 3rd place in the US Karate championships in 1993, while she was pregnant with their first child. Children: Stephanie Rose was born May 31st 1993. Stephanie doesn’t like having her photo taken but she loves Barny. Jesse James Louis was born on February 19th 1995 weighing 8lbs,3oz (3997gm).

Residence: Jon lived in Sayerville with his parents until August 1980 when he decided to move to Los Angeles, but soon came back home and stayed with his parents again until 1986. In 1986 he moved to Bradley Beach, a one-room apartment, until June 1987. He then moved to Perth Amboy, Puerto Rico quarter and lived next to a scrap-yard. Then back to Sayreville in February 1988 and stayed in a one-room apartment until spring of that same year. In September 1987 Jon and Dorothea bought the house they are currently living in Rumson NJ but didn’t move in until 1988. It is a grey building with 3 bedrooms (?). The living room looks out on the huge garden with orchids and a swimming pool. Over the fire place hangs portraits of Jon and Dorothea in pop-colours, Andy Warhol-style and a picture of James Dean. There is a while leather couch with zebra-fur in front of it, a grand piano in the corner with photos of family members and friends on it. Jon has a “wall of fame’ with gold and platinum records also. His studio is in the basement and there are old concert posters on the walls, form Elvis Presley and Little Richard. There is also a black marble bathroom. Jon and Dorothea bought a house in Malibu which is located in a gated community. Recently Jon purchased 4 properties (4acres) right on the waterfront down the street from Richie’s house, he is expected to be moving in March 1998.

Past: Jon graduated from Sayreville War Memorial High School in 1980 with 109 absents. Musically: Jon is founder of a number of bands, he is a songwriter and singer, he plays rhythm guitar and piano. He started playing drums but then changed to playing guitar. Bands: His first band was Raze when he was in the 8th grade, then at age 16 with Dave he was in Atlantic City Expressway. At age 18 The Rest. Then again with Dave in Jon Bongiovi and the Wild Ones. Business: Jon and Richie started New Jersey Underground Music, a publishing company which signed Skid Row and Aldo Nova but the company broke up soon after Skid Rows first album release. Jon’s Jambco label (sponsored by PolyGram?) signed Aldo Nova, Billy Falcon, Skid Row, Colour Me Bad but it too died out because of lack of success. Jon has also been involved with a number of other artists. Jon and Richie helped Cinderella get a contract with PolyGram-Mercury. Jon produced Aldo Nova’s album “Blood On The Bricks” and wrote most of the songs on it. Jon also did a record for Billy Falcon. He wrote and produced “Sometimes It’s A Bitch for Stevie Nicks. Wrote and produced “So Close” for Hall and Oates. Jon also spent some time on the road with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Acting: In 1988 Jon plays, a small roll as himself in “The Return of Bruno. 1989 while on the set of “Young Guns II” in Santa Fe his friend, Emilo Estevez, cons him into being a ‘real cowboy’ and Jon gets a tiny role in the movie, riding a horse, shooting guns and being killed. In “Moonlight & Valentino” 1994, with Elizabeth Perkins, Whoopie Goldberg, Kathleen Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon plays a house painter. The movie opened in USA September 29th 1995, Europe 1996. Jon gained critical acclaim for his acting debut last fall in "Moonlight and Valentino," a Gramercy Pictures film directed by David Anspaugh. For this impressive debut, Jon was selected by the Motion Picture Club for the prestigious Premiere Performance Award, an honour which recognises an outstanding debut performance in a film. Filming of “The Leading Man” lasts from January till April 1996 in London. It was directed by John Duigan. Jon had turned down the offer twice because it didn’t fit into his time schedule. In it Jon plays a charismatic chameleon character who has a magnetic effect on those around him. Shooting took place from 7am-8pm five to six days a week, but Jon says it was a lot easier than his musical career ‘because it’s not so physical’. “The Leading Man” was released in US in October 1996. During August 1996 Jon took acting lessons with Harold Guskin who had previously worked with Kevin Costner and Michelle Pfeiffer. September 10th - October 28th 1996 was spent filming “Little City” with Jo Beth Williams and Annabella Sciorra. “Home Grown” is basically about a guy pushing pot. Jon doesn’t have a huge part, more or less a cameo appearance.

Favourites: Own songs - 1988, ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’, ‘Livin’ On A Prayer. The song Jon likes playing live is ‘Blood On Blood’ and ‘Living In Sin’. The most personal song he has written has been ‘Bed Of Roses’ which he wrote in 1992 for Dorothea. Jon’s favourite songs from ‘These Days’ are ‘Lie To Me’, ‘Hey God’ and ‘These Days’. Jon has always wanted to sing a duet with Tina Turner. Musicians: Jon’s favourite musicians include Aerosmith, especially Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, The Asbury Jukes, Bad Company, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Lee Roth, Rolling Stones, Southside Johnny, Willy DeVille (‘he’s the definition of cool’). Fave Records: Eric Clapton Unplugged, Dire Straits, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Tschaikowsky. Fave Concert: Doobie Brothers, Rush and Heart. Jon’s fave vacation place is anywhere warm, Caribbean, Cayman Islands. 1995 Sardinia and in 1996 a cruise on the Mediterranean. Jon’s fave food is junk food, especially greasy burgers, Italian, Mexican and Sushi. His fave club was The Fast Lane in Asbury Park which closed in 1988, and Tradewinds, Seabright, NJ. Jon’s fave sports are Baseball and he follows the NY Mets and football he follows the NY Giants. Fave movie ‘Badlands from 1973 was directed by Terrence Malick. Jon’s fave TV show is ‘Hill Street Blues, he also likes cartoons, especially Superman, Dirty Harry Callaghan (Clint Eastwood). Jon likes wearing casual clothes, jeans, shirts. Habits: In January 1990 Jon was worried about having an ulcer but nothing ever came of it. He goes to bed around 3-4am and gets up after noon, he needs 12 hours of sleep. Jon has sensitive eyes against sunlight and cigarette smoke, that’s why he always wears sunglasses. During spring he has allergies and hay-fever. Jon started smoking in 1994 during the making of ‘Moonlight and Valentino’ but quit again. Picked it back up during the making of ‘The Leading Man’ and after the 1996 tour because he “just likes it”. Jon drinks coffee with milk. Hobbies: Jon likes driving cars, playing baseball, sleeping, eating junkfood, working out at the gym, football, watching cartoons, spending time with his family and playing with his dog Scruffy. Cars: Jon has owned a few cars as well, a white Datsun 280Z in 1988, a ‘58 Corvette 1988-1992, a Ferrari 328 GTSI 1988-1992, in 1995 Jon owned a Ferrari, Camero, 2 Corvettes, some Jeeps, Mustang Shelby and a 1957 Lincon Premier, some motorcycles, among them a Harley Davidson and a snowmobile. In 1996 Jon owned a Harley Davidson, Black Mercedes and a red 91/92 Corvette. Jon loves sports cars, especially Posches.


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