by Pat Weier (Sparks)-Nighthawk Commando

Face walked her to the front door of his penthouse suite (at least 
  he told her it was his suite).  Gave her one last passionate kiss before 
  he let her go.
     "I'm so sorry to hear that your Uncle John is in the hospital". She 
  was concerned for him ever since that phone call had awakened them early 
  that morning.
     "Don't worry about it, he's a tough old bird".  After she left Face 
  went back into the bedroom to pack a few things.  He spied the silk 
  jammies laying in a heap on the floor. As he picked them up, he 
  remembered how they had brought him good luck the night before.  "It 
  seems women just love these for some reason".  He absent mindedly put 
  them in the bag as he was packing the rest of his clothes.
      About an hour later Face pulled up in front of the V.A. to get his 
  friend Murdock.
     "Yes, may I help you Major?" the nurse looked at him questionably.
  "You may Nurse, I'm here to pick up a one Capt. Murdock" he checked his 
  clipboard, shuffled a few pages. "I have to take him to Sacramento for 
  testing on sleep disorders.  He was hand picked personally by the 
  General.  Here is a copy of the orders." The Nurse sent an orderly to 
  retrieve Murdock from his room.  Five minutes later the two were on 
  their way in Face's vette.
     "Will you settle down Murdock, you're getting fidgety.  It's not that 
  long of a drive to the warehouse."  
  "Well, I'm getting bored Faceman." Murdock looked around the backseat of 
  the car, and noticed a little black bag.  Whatcha got in the bag Face?"  
  "Nothing Murdock."
  A minute later "Whatcha got in the bag Face?"  "Nothing Murdock, now 
  leave it alone".
     The vette pulled up next to the A-team van, where Hannibal & BA were 
  anxiously waiting for them.  "Hurry up you two our client is waiting for 
  us."  As Face was about to grab his bag from the back, Murdock snatched 
  it away from him.  "Give me that." "I got to see whatís in it first 
     As Murdock ran toward the van with the bag, BA grabbed it and the bag 
  opened up.  "What do ya think you're doin fool" as he said this, he 
  pulled out some of the contents. "Hey look at this guys, he's got silk 
  jammies.  Heh heh heh silk jammies."


      BA was sure getting his jollies looking at Faces jammies. "You 
  actually wear these?" Hannibal was grinning ear to ear himself.
     "Lt. they're your color too, pink.  But it's time to get down to 
  business, so put the jammies away BA."  BA threw the bag into the van, 
  still laughing till it hurt.  Meanwhile, Face knew he wouldn't live 
  this down.  
     "Now as I see it, this lady isn't what she seems.  She comes into the 
  laundry shop, tells Mr. Lee that only the A-team can help her father, 
  who owns a little shop, and is being harassed by thugs from Chicago.  
  What she doesn't know is that I had BA stake out the shop last night."
    "Yeah, and your not gonna believe who I saw either."
    "BA sees Decker and her so called 'father' talking.  So this is a set 
  up guys.  What I want to do is find out how she knew to talk to Mr. 
    Murdock choose that time to join the conversation, "you know, we could 
  always dress Face up in his pink silk jammies, and have him go down 
  there to have a little talk.  Decker would never recognize him,  if he 
  did I'm sure he would arrange a room for you next to me at the V.A."
    "Very funny Murdock." Face was starting to regret that he even packed 
  those darn things.  "Ok guys, enough.  I'm going to go down there as 
  Jack Daniels and see what I can find out."  "The 2 of you stay with BA 
  and the girl, I don't want her making a run for it before I get back."
    Murdock and Face walked back to the van. "Silk jammies, no wonder you 
  wouldn't let me see the bag this morning." Face just gave him a look and 
  tried to ignore him.
     When they got to the van, Face got in the back and looked into his 
  bag.  The silk jammies were gone! 


     They're gone!  Face couldn't believe it.  There were only 2 suspects. 

  The girl and BA.  The girl was just a birddog for Decker, so she 
  wouldn't have an interest in what was in his bag.  Then there was BA.  
  He had a pretty good laugh earlier about the jammies, so he was suspect. 

  Actually, Face figured this was something Murdock would pull, but 
  Murdock hadn't left his sight.
     "Come on Face, you can tell your old friend Murdock.  Just what are 
  you doing with those pink jammies?"
     "Ok, if you must know.  The women really go for that sort of thing.  
  I read it in a magazine somewhere."
     "A magazine?  What magazine? Don't tell me you believe all that stuff 
  you read in magazines.  Besides I thought the Great Faceman didn't need 
  any help when it came to women."
     "Well I've been in a slump lately."  
     "Excuse me gentlemen, where's Mr. Smith? Aren't we going to help my 
  father?"  Miss Friar said nervously. She had been waiting patiently in 
  the front seat of the van with BA.  "Don't worry Hannibal will be back 
  soon."  That presented Face with another suspect, Hannibal had gone to 
  the back of the van to retrieve his bag full of disguises.  "He must 
  have done it," Face muttered to himself.
     Meanwhile, Hannibal had donned his Jack Daniels disguise and was 
  paying a visit to Miss Friars so called 'father'.  He took out his flask 
  of liquor and made himself at home in front of Monroes Electronic Shop.  
  "Hey ya bum, get out of here, you're gonna scare off ma customers."  
  Just then a military car pulled up.  Col. Decker got out, followed by 
  Capt. Crane.    "Mr. Monroe, the army appreciates the help you are 
  giving us.  Your cooperation with Miss Friar is making it easier.  She 
  should be coming back soon with Smith and the rest of the A-Team.  When 
  they get here, just get them into the store, we'll do the rest."  The 
  MP's drove off and hid behind the store.  Decker and his assistant hid 
  around the corner.  Hannibal decided he had heard enough.  "Yeah, yeah, 
  I'm go.. ah go.., well I'm leavin.  Ah know when a'm not wan.. wanted." 
  He headed back to the van and the others.
     By the time Hannibal had gotten back to the van, he had changed out 
  the bum disguise.  "Ok Miss Friar, we're going to take you back to 
  your hotel room.  Your father says that he has everything under control, 
  but to be sure of that I'm going to have Murdock and BA stay with him.  
  Now if you'll just step outside momentarily, I need to have a talk with 
  my men." 
     "All right," she said as she stepped out of the van.  Hannibal closed 
  the door behind her.
     "Ok, here's the plan.  Decker and his band of jolly men are staked 
  out in front of the shop.  Miss Friar here, is working for Decker, so we 
  definitely would be walking into a trap.  So Face, you and I will take 
  her back to her hotel and see if we can get some answers from her.  BA, 
  you and Murdock follow close behind us in the van, in case thereís some 
  MP's waiting for us there.  All right, let's go.
     "Miss Friar if you would kindly step into the vette with us, we'll go 
  to your hotel room now."  While Face was driving he whispered to 
  Hannibal, "look Hannibal I know you did it, so the jokes over."
     "Did what Face?"  "You know, you hid my you know what as a joke."  
     "Face are you talking about your silk jammies? Hah hah, if I was the 
  one, I sure wouldn't be so obvious about it now would I?"  Hannibal lit 
  up a cigar.  "Well who ever took them, obviously has a use for them."
     Well if it wasn't Hannibal, then that means only 2 suspects left.


     BA and Murdock had staked the hotel out. They were a block away.  "I 
  need to go take Billy for a walk, I'll be back shortly."
     "Shut up foo! You're not going anywhere and I told you before, I 
  don't want none of your invisible friends in my van!"
     "BA he's not just a friend, he's my companion, he keeps me safe and 
  warm at night.  Besides, if you don't let me take him for a walk, he 
  might just have an accident in the van, and you wouldn't want that now 
  would you?"
     "Listen fool, there ain't no invisible dog, and there ain't no 
  invisible dog needing a walk.  I don't want to hear anymore about it!"
     Murdock started to open his mouth to speak, but one look from BA made 
  him stop.  He decided to look out the window instead.
     Back at the hotel, Hannibal and Face confronted Miss Friar.  As 
  Hannibal lit up another cigar, he proceeded to question the woman.  "Now 
  as I see it, you have a choice.  You can either cooperate and tell us 
  how you knew Mr. Lee, or we can go to the press and tell them how you 
  helped the A-Team escape from the military."  
     Miss Friar was stunned at hearing this.  "Oh yes, we know about your 
  little trap that you had planned for us at the electronic shop.  So 
  what's it going to be?"
     "Oh all right.  I got a job at the same newspaper that Amy worked at 
  and used those connections of hers to find Mr. Lee.  Col. Decker had 
  arranged for the job and told me I would be payed very well for helping 
  him catch some dangerous and wanted criminals."
     "Thatís all I needed to hear.  Well Face I guess we should be leaving 
  this lovely young women.  Before we go, let me ask you a question.  
  We're looking for some missing James.  You haven't seen them by any 
  chance, have you? They are a pretty shade of pink and silk."
     "Oh Hannibal must you?"  "Well face they are a very cute shade of 
  pink.  That would be pretty hard to misplace."
     "No, I haven't seen it.  But they sound very sexy."
     "Ho," Face said as he walked out the door, followed by Hannibal.
"Well gentlemen, it seems that mission is over and done with.  I love 
  it when a plan comes together.  Or in Deicers case, fall apart." 
  Hannibal stated as he got into the van with the others.  "But there's 
  still the case of the missing James."
     "What's the matter Face, you lost your silk James?  Now how are you 
  going to get the girls?" Murdock said with a big grin on his face.  
  "They're not missing, one of you took them.  I just figured you need 
  them more than me, at least I can get a girl without them.  But you guys 
  need all the help you can get!"
     As BA drove down the street he couldn't help but laugh at this.  "Now 
  what would I want with jammies?  They probably wouldn't fit me anyway."
    "Well don't look at me," Murdock interjected, "I don't have much of a 
  chance to pick up girls at the V.A."  A little while later they were 
  dropping Murdock off at the V.A.  "So what are you guys up to this 
    "Well I'm headed to Black Rock to meet Maggie, she invited me there 
  for the weekend, told me to bring one of my costumes if you  know what I 
    "I'm going to find that tall redhead I was with the other morning"  
  "Face, do you think she'll still want you without your jammies?"  
  Hannibal couldn't resist getting one last jab in on Face before they 
  parted for the weekend.  "How about you BA?"
     "I think I'll just spend a quiet weekend with the kids down at the 
     The next day Hannibal was at Maggie's place  They went out to dinner 
  and then back to her place for the evening.  While Maggie was in the 
  other room, Hannibal got out his bag to retrieve his costume.   He had 
  decided on the Bear suit with silk jammies underneath.  Faces silk 
  jammies that is.  When he reached in, all he saw was the Bear outfit and 
  nothing else.  "I know i packed it, I put it in there this morning when 
  i was retrieving my Jack Danielís costume.  Now it looks like someone 
  stole it from me.  Just can't trust anybody these days."


     Magi came into the bedroom.  She stood there smiling at Hannibal.  
  "Mum, nice bear suit!"  "Grrooowwwwl," came the words from the 
     BA was also busy over the weekend.  He had dropped the others off and 
  decided he was going to have some fun at Faces expense!  When he and 
  Murdock were staking out the hotel.  Murdock kept complaining about 
  'Billy' needing a walk.  When BA wouldn't let him do it, Murdock started 
  making whimpering noises, so BA finally gave in.  While Murdock pretended 
  to put an invisible leash on his invisible dog, BA went to the back of 
  the van to check the weapons.  He saw Hannibal's bag and curiosity got 
  the better of him.  He was checking it out when lo and behold, there 
  were the Facemans silk jammies!  Well if Hannibal can come up with a 
  plan for these, so can I, he thought. 
     When BA got back to his apartment, he put his gear down, called up 
  the center to tell them he was coming in shortly.  'This is going to be 
  good,' he thought to himself.  "I can put those silly jammies on, get 
  myself a couple of girls, take a picture and send it to Face."  He 
  didn't check the bag, but went down to the center for a while to visit 
  with the kids.  Later that night, he invited a couple of ladies he knew, 
  over to his apartment. 
     "So BA, we've been waiting for the longest time for you to call and 
  invite us over.  It seems like every time we call you, you're never 
  home!"  "Sorry about that mama, but my friends seem to always need me.  
  In fact thatís one of the reasons I called you over.  I want to play a 
  joke on one of them. Now make yourself at home and I'll be right back. 
     He went into the other room, got undressed and opened his bag.  He 
  was shocked!  Who could be so low as to steal the silk jammies from him, 
  that he stole from Hannibal, who stole it from Face.  Who probably 
  scammed them from someone else.  He went back into the living room.  
  "Well ladies, it looks like the joke is off."
    "Couldn't we stay anyway?  I'm sure we can find something else to 


     BA wasn't going to have fun with Face like he was planning, but that
  didn't mean he wasn't going to have ANY fun.  BA figured he and the
  girls could find something to do this weekend.
     At the V.A. Murdock had devised a plan for returning without raising
  suspicion.  He ran through the front door, to the nurse's desk ranting
  and raving about Billy.  "Quick, help me.  Billy's been hit by a car!
  He's not looking too good.  Please, won't someone please help ma poor
  dog Billy!"
     "Now calm down Mr. Murdock.  It'll be ok.  I'm sure Billy will be all
  right.  Let's just go to your room, so you can relax.  Your safe here
  with us now."
     "But you don't understand.  Billy is outside.  Just laying there in
  the road," Murdock said dejectedly.   "Ok, if it'll make you feel
  better, I'll have one of the orderlies go and look at Billy for you.
  They will take very good care of him.  Now please, just let us take you
  to your room."
     "Ah, o.. ok," Murdock said with a little hint of a devious smile that
  no one else could see.  When he got to his room, he saw Billy was
  already there.
     "Billy, what is that you're wearing?"  Murdock took a closer look.
  "You bad dog,  I leave you alone for a few minutes and you go and steal
  Facemans jammies.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to confiscate them
  from you.  Besides, they don't fit you anyway."  He put the jammies on
  and then looked in the mirror.  "These sure fit me pretty well, and I'm
  meeting Jenny in a couple of days anyway.  Might as well see if it's
  true about women and silk jammies."
     2 weeks later, Face came to the V.A. to spring his pal Murdock.
  "Hello Nurse Wiggim, I'm Maj. Johnston, and I'm here to pick up one of
  your patients for Gen. Halstead.  Yes, it's a Mr. Murdock I believe," he
  said as he was double checking his clipboard.  "It seems the Gen. is
  running some tests on people with delusions, especially those who see
  invisible animals.  Does this Murdock fellow see invisible animals?"
    "Why yes, he has an invisible dog named Billy."  "Well then, we better
  hurry up and get this Murdock to the testing facility in Barstow."  10
  minutes later they were outside the V.A. and in B.A.'s van.  "Hey, you
  guys want to see what I have for my date with Jenny?  I wore these last
  week for her and it drove her crazy!"
     "Sure, why not.  What is it?"  Face was curious as to what special
  thing Murdock would have for his rendezvous."  Murdock reached into his
  bag, and pulled out none other than the pink silk jammies that used to
  belong to Face.
     "Murdock, how could you?  I never figured you for for a thief!"
     "It wasn't me, Face.  It was ma dog Billy.  You know how he gets a
  little mischievous, specially when he's bored."
     "So let me get this straight," Hannibal asked questionably, "Billy
  took the jammies from me, after I had taken them from Face.  You know, I
  was going to wear them for Maggie.  Not that I believe I needed anything
  extra or any help in anyway, but just to see what reaction I would get."
  "Hannibal, not you too?  But, why am I surprised, this is something you
  would pull anyway.  At least I can rely on B.A."
     "Ah, got news for you, I was going to show you just how dumb that
  idea was of yours.  Imagine using silk jammies to get women.  I had it
  all lined up too, then that stupid mutt of Murdock's stole the jammies
  from me, after I had taken them from Hannibal. Wait a minute you crazy
  fool!  Billy's not even real, so how could a figment of your imagination
  steal the jammies?"
     "Well he's real to me big guy and thatís all that counts." "You know
  Murdock, sometimes I like your other invisible friends better," said
  Face as he closed the van door.
     "Don't encourage the foo, he'll only get worse."  "And with that said
  B.A., let's go check out our client."  Hannibal lit up a cigar.  "I love
  it when the missing jammies come together, or apart as the case may be."
     Later that day, when Face took a peek in Murdock's bag.  "No silk
  jammies!  They're gone!  "Well just my luck anyway," Face muttered to
  himself.  "His invisible horse probably took em this time."
                              The End

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