by Robin (Range) Ryder-Nighthawk Commando

"BA, stop torturing Murdock!"  Hannibal admonished the big guy. 
"Remember, when 
you two decided to explore the kinky side of your relationship you 
you'd stop at bondage.  None of that S and M stuff."  With a sigh, the 
turned back to his newspaper. Another howl of anguish interupted his 
attempt to read the sports 
section, and he looked up just in time to see BA drop a handful of ice 
cubes down the front of the captain's pants. Unfortunately, Murdock was 
unable to do much other than shiver with cold and wiggle around on the 
floor because his hands and feet were securely bound by the remnants of 
his favorite Woody Woodpecker videotape which BA had ripped from the 

"BA!  His lips are turning blue," Hannibal observed, "and don't you 
think destroying his favorite videotape is a bit sadistic?" 

"No!  Fool made me watch it for 8 hours straight last time it was his 
turn to be dominator,"  BA snapped. "Now he's gonna pay. I got something 
right here that'll warm that fool up."  The big guy smiled and whipped 
out a huge feather duster created entirely from ostrich plumes and began 
to run it over the soles of the captain's bare feet, slowly working his 
way up to the tender spots along his ribs and in his armpits causing the 
captain to convulse with laughter and beg for mercy. 

Tears trickled down Murdock's cheeks, sweat ran in rivulets off his 
no-longer chilled body saturating the feather duster, as he gasped 
desperately for breath, "B...BA....stop...please..." 

As BA was about to answer, the door opened and a loud scream filled the 
room. "My brand new Pierre Cardin feather duster!" Face sprinted over to 
snatch it out of BA's hand.  Then he turned on Hannibal, "How could you 
let them...just look at it!  It's ruined!"  He held the limp, sweaty 
designer cleaning implement under Hannibal's nose. 

"Relax, Face, time's up anyway." Hannibal glanced at his watch, then 
took out a pair of scissors and snipped the videotape from around the 
captain's wrists and ankles.  "Now it's Murdock's turn to be dominator.  
Didja get all the stuff he asked for?" 

"Yes, but I still don't know if it's such a good idea," Face pouted as 
he contemplated the ruined ostrich feathers, "after all, I thought we 
all agreed they weren't supposed to get into the S and M stuff." 

"It's okay, Faceguy, there's nothing remotely S and M about what I've 
got in mind for the Baracan One," Murdock replied, hoping no one noticed 
that his fingers were crossed behind his back.  "Okay, BA, go take off 
your clothes and put your bathrobe on, then I want you to come back out.  
I think you'll like the surprise I've got in store for you." 

When BA returned to the living room, he noted that Murdock had dimmed 
the lamps.  On the coffee table, a few candles flickered seductively 
beside a lace covered tray containing an assortment of animal crackers.  
"Okay, BA, come on over," Murdock patted the couch. "Now, I want you to 
lay down here, where you can see the TV. Oh, and hold out your hands.  
That's good." Murdock immediately snapped a pair of fur-lined leather 
handcuffs over the big guy's wrists, looping them through the arm of the 
couch.  "Now, just relax, breathe in and breathe out, my, don't those 
aromatherapy candles smell good, who'd of thought that 'New Car' scent 
would be so erotic," the Captain cooed as he punched the on button for 
the video.  As the opening strains of the theme music for the Rocky 
Horror Picture Show reverberated throughout the room, BA began to 
struggle against his restraints.  "Just relax, BA, enjoy the mood.  
We're gonna have a real good time.  Daddy Murdock's gonna pamper you 
real good. He's gonna take care of all your needs.  Mmmmm, don't you 
just love the way animal crackers crunch between your teeth, it's just 
so sensual..." he waved a lion shaped cookie suggestively under BA's 
nose, then pressed it between his lips. "...and then the way they turn 
to sweet, sticky mush and trickle down your throat... just suck on that 
a minute oh Baracanbabe."  When Murdock saw the big guy relax and close 
his eyes he murmered to himself, *this is payback for destroying my 
Woody Woodpecker tape*  and quickly reaching behind the couch, he pulled 
out a pair of fishnet stockings, high heels and leather bustier all in 
sizes XXXL and began dressing the sergeant... 

That's All Folks. 

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