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Stories on the A-Team
Title Description Rating
The Night Before Xmas, The Nighthawk Way A poem about the dangerous mission of the A-team on Xmas eve G
What's it all about, Wolfie? New inventive way plan for getting BA on a plane, involving: A spider,coat Hanger,paperback book,fluorescent marker pen, a small, plastic jar of nutmeg PG
The Dream A crossover story with the Disney movie Mulan. Murdock finds himself in ancient China G
OH NO! We Are Locked In A silly story in response to the Locked Challenge G
Vertigo With the rest of the team suffering from enuii, Face plans a hot date but he must first convince Murdock to borrow Dr. Richter's limousine. Meanwhile, Murdock feels the need to destress before borrowing his shrink's treasured possession. (Warning: upset stomach, queasiness and motion sickness) PG-13
Chrysalis Amy awaits the birth of she and Murdock's child(A sequel to 'Some Girls Have All the Love) G
Flu Victims In response to the Barney challenge. Murdock and BA fall victim to the flu G
The Party The Nighthawk Commandos party at HQ. Celebrating the good riddence of Frankie. But wishes don't always come true. A sequel to 'Hello, Nice to Meet Ya'. R
An Easy Way to Die While on a mission in Germany, Murdock has to face an event from his past, but who is telling the truth? PG
The Cabin Amy waits for her lover in a secluded cabin. PG-13
Hello, Nice To Meet Ya The Nighthawk Commandos take on a dangerous mission. To deliver Frankie into the heart of TEMP HQ. G
The Secret of The A-Team When Murdock wakes up asking 'Who's Murdock?' the team thinks he's on another trip but when he starts communicating with the Starship Enterprise Hannibal becomes suspicious of his Captains wherabouts. G
Getting The Shivers The A-Team kicks back for a little R&R. G
The Thin End of the Wedge Face may have bitten off more than he can chew. NC-17
M/M slash
Revenge BA and Murdock's bondage games get out of hand. PG-13
Wild Card With a wounded Murdock, the A-Team goes up against a mini-mobster out to get Face for a scam that went wrong. G
Invasion The Nighthawk Commandos invade TEMP headquarters to steal the Silk Jammies G
Victims Murdock is injured in an accident as he is being transported to another facility. Will his team be successful in finding their missing comrade? Or will Decker take advantage of the situation at hand and lay his trap to capture the ATEAM? G
Alternatives Murdock awakes in the hospital after being in a coma for 3 months G
Silk Jammies Face's sexy pink jammies are missing! Who stole them? G
Tribute To The A-Team A short poem G
Desperado Response to the song challenge. The song was 'Desperado' G
Farewell A very moving short story about the loss of one of the A-team members. G
For Orphans Sake The A-Team travel to Cambodia to check out an orphanage and discover a terrible secret which involves a person from there past re-emerging and bringing up a lot of unanswered questions. G
One In A Million Canada's newest multi-millionaire fears someone may be trying to kill her. Will she be safe in the hands of the ATEAM she has hired to protect her? Callie Bertram finds she has far more to deal with then just the threats that have been made towards her life. Things become far more complicated for her after she meets the handsome chopper pilot!> R
The Plan One of the team gets married?
3 Short, Short, Stories -3 Stories that incorporates most of the episode titles of the A-team G
Divided We Fall -Does an arguement break up the team? or do they stay together. G
To Have & To Hold On the day of his wedding, Face looks back on his relationship with Murdock. NC-17
M/M Slash
Home For The Holidays Murdock/Rommance-Aislynn Edwards returns to her hometown for Christmas. She never expected what was in store for her - a couple of events that would change her life forever - one romantic, the other tragic. Can she cope with them both? R
Friends Murdock's past comes back to haunt him as his three friends help him recover from the death of a young woman with Aids. R
Darkness Where was Murdock when the military first began its pursuit of the A-Team? Find out how his Unit got him out of Southeast Asia. Based on a story by Amanda/Cuke. G
Response to the Nighthawk Challenge See how the Silk Jammies are returned to their rightful owners
Curtain Call: On The Road To Recovery The A-Team have successfully escaped the clutches of Col. Decker once again. But now they are in need of finding some help for their heroic wounded teammate. And Russ Clayton still wants to settle the score... G
First Time For Everything Returning to the Team after the events of 'Mind Games', Face is forced to confront his deepest feelings. NC-17
M/M (Graphic)
Some Girls Have All the Love Amy is kept guessing on Valentine's Day by gifts from a mysterious admirer. G
If Only You Knew In response to the song challene. A 'what if' story. G
The A-Team's Back Sung to the tune of "My Boyfriends Back" G
How Do I Live In response to the SONG challenge. G
Fool Does Murdock confess his love? NC-17
M/M slash
Disturbed Murdock finds Face in bed with his woman. R
Murdocks In Love Murdock "runs into" a special someone. G
I Give My Heart To You Maggie learns of Hannibals execution. G
Just a Pretty Face Murdock plays matchmaker. PG
Cavallon's Gold Returning from a mission the A-Team crash in Costa Rica and find themselves helping out a village that is being used as slave labor.  An injured Murdock might be their only salvation. G
Where's Sparks? this story by the fans of Faceman, who call themselves agents of TEMP'S. It's in response to the 'Where is Sparks challenge G
Untitled Written in response to the "Hannibal Challenge". G
Farewell - Epilogue An epilogue to Karen Manetta's "Farewell" G
Riders on the Storm Murdock tries to help Face get over Leslie. NC-17
Nighthawk Commandos

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