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Here are two great publicity photos sold on eBay some time ago. I 've seen one or two of them offered again since. The one on the right is, I think, one of her best images ever. I wish I knew
the photographer to credit him or her.



Alexandra Wilson is a widely recognized face on television though not everyone knows her name. Yet. Usually someone mentions Josie Watts, April Hathaway, or Sam McCormick; three of her more enduring characters. Brooke Alexander on 90210 really got her noticed; and ladies everywhere envied her. As Sarah Metcalf on Homefront she gained a national audience. Probably more people saw her as Ms. Kegel in Small Soldiers than in any other role. Then she played Dr. Dru Breslauer, a resident doctor on UPN's short-lived Mercy Point. Alex has recently gained critical aclaim for emotional, powerful performances in In My Sister's Shadow and Ocean Park. The riveting performance of two very different sisters in Ocean Park got her noticed once again.

Most of her roles emphasize her instant appeal as an innocent, sweet, demure, and flawlessly charming girl. In her better written roles this cherubic gentleness is allowed to flash into moments of calculating intelligence and ruthless wit which she presents with effortless transition. Capable of contrasting tender purity with fiery determination, she almost always makes a character enticing and admirable at once. Her range of fluent emotions is quite broad - with expressions of compassion, anger, seduction, and simple good-hearted kindness easily woven into a single conversation.

She often infuses a part with an irresistable playfulness, bounded by shades of modesty and old-fashioned romantic discretion; all without diminishing the fun and ferver of the moment. The acting world is full of pretty blue-eyed kittens but Alexandra offers a director and writer genuine brightness and an alert, purposeful sense of humor that transcends all physicality. Like any fine actor she acts more smoothly and suavely than most folks could ever hope to conduct their own, real lives. Actresses with her seamless, keen delivery and pristine style will always be needed as long as humans pay to view or hear good stories.

Even when asked to be a temptress she maintains a gracious poise and a measure of grinning vulnerability - in other words something considerably more interesting than some generic film tart. More than once she has been required to be both naive and overtly sexual at the same moment - much like a girl wearing her first revealing dress. Alexandra knows how to be just naughty and sirenic enough to preserve the female mystique. One is never entirely sure if she is merely the cute girl next door on a good day or a geniune super star trying to go unnoticed. Rather than presenting a conflict these diverse executions produce a true balance - likely as much a manifestation of her true nature as a learned craft.

Alexandra seems most accomplished when asked to disclose numerous emotions with at least a handful of well-defined but intriguing relationships. One or more connections should be professional showing high capability and responsiveness. She can do science or corporate. Another must be intimate, quiet, and deeply romantic. She does well with a leading man - some of them are or were household names. One or two additional associations might form a love triangle or quadrangle. She'll easily manage all the complexity and heartbreak thrown her way. With some luck and preparation one will be gifted with an exquisate and heart-warming performance. Be sure to give her a role showing anger and frustration as long as there is direct confrontation and room for quick analysis. The girl can execute - other actors if you wish. Then right back to warmth and a face that can suborn most anything she desires.

She has a unique ability to contrast fresh-faced mischief with earnest intensity; knowing when to frolic and when to wane serious or disappointed. She does urgency, emergency, and shocking news very well. From all her years with soap scripts she has developed a flair for potent sarcastic remarks around which a relationship can rise or fall. A sharp delivery together with her wide-eyed, girlish looks can produce a rather persuasive advocacy for most anything; especially if a plaintive, poignant appeal will be effective.

In short, she is versatile. And even better she usually has perfect, invisible timing. Alexandra Wilson is also very good at projecting radiant optimism (even without that wonderful smile) yet also a rather appealing form of shy sadness. More than beautiful, this actress is always believable, likable, and warm. Such a compelling synthesis of loveliness, God-given talent, and hard work is decidedly rare. We hope her best is yet to come!

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Alexander, Brooke

Her character on Beverly Hills 90210.

AW on AW played JW or Josie Watts. The first photo is of Opera Digest Cover, showing two shots of Alex in the lower right corner and middle. The next two photos are
very old screen shots from Another World video tapes taking many years ago. The last photo is of an Another World reunion with Alex in the center.

An alluring scene of Alex as Josie, also from a very old video capture. If anyone has Another World episodes on DVD with screen captures please write and tell me.

A photo shot by a fan at an Another World event. Alex in her long hair looks as cute as she can be. If any readers have other AW/AW photos or screen captures write
or post them on eBay for a reasonable sum.

Another World (AW)

Any Day Now (2001)

Beverly Hills 90210


Breslauer, Dr. Dru

Carter, Sharon (2000)

A small gallery of images captured from the DVD and enhanced as needed with Photoshop. Click on each image for a larger version of it.

Christmas Wish, The


Curb Your Enthusiasum

Dawes, Caroline

Played this character on The Second Civil War in 1997.

Dawes was assistant to Mel, big time Producer at News Net (NN) and always ran around carrying messages, videotapes, and news of impending events.

Caroline was both a novice (Mel advises her about the news biz) and an insider (knowing where to find a specific correspondant and the office number of a tech nerd). At first she seems a very secondary character and employee but later joins James Earl Jone's character at the big marble table where big decisions are made. Her rude and effective 'You just don't get it' remark is likely Dawes' most important line.

Clad in a tight, very short tan business suit and black high heels Alexandra combined (as usual) some essential speaking parts and two or three silent shots that were clearly intended as eye candy. In one shot a fellow producer took a long look at Caroline's posterior and long legs as she leaned over a railing to answer Mel's question. Her apparel in the later scenes was considerably more modest. Throughout the film she shows a light reddish- brown hair color with the longer length seen in recent years. There is a superficial resemblance with the lady detective star on the original Silk Stalkings - Rita?.

As we've seen many times before (and recently on Mercy Point) AW is always credible announcing some impending event or emergency. A line about finding 'Domingo' (the Spanish translater) with Ron Perlman is rather humorous and showed another side of her talent. Overall the character of Dawes is hardworking, sweet, in control, alert, informed, reflective, helpful, pleasant, and probably more appealing in the workplace than she realizes or even wants to be. It was a very ideal character for AW.

Delacroix, Jo and Davia

A reported classmate of Alex sent us these scans from the Chantilly High School Yearbook. Is this Alex, a cousin, or look-alike? See Real Name? below for the rest of the story.


Hathaway, April

Her character on Loving from 1987-1989.

High Tide

Alex appeared as the cover girl on The Workbasket magazine in March 1991. She talked about her love of knitting and it's practical purpose between scenes, a skill learned from both her mother and grandmother. Click on any of these images to enlarge to full, high-res scanned size. For the record, I don't believe she said "Yippee" about being a cover girl for a knitting magazine. All of us have our embarrassing moments so let's give her a break. Maybe not. It's a cute, pretty look in the final analysis minus the fake caption. Thanks to Ms. Flores of Colorado for sharing this periodical.


One occasionally finds this studio shot available for sale on eBay, invariably authographed by Mr. Newson and not Alex!

A very sexy add from TV Guide.


If Looks Could Kill: The John Hawkins Story (From the Files of America's Most Wanted 1996)

This came from a cover of a Spanish language version video.

A press image I was sent by a Senior Publicist at CBS just prior to the IMSS airing.

In My Sister's Shadow


John Hawkins

Loving (1987-1989)

McCormick, Sam

Played a dark-haired nursing student from a long line of nurses. She was the most competant and sharp of her four roommates; though just as sexy. Some critics made fun of one episode in which see does an emergency tracheotomy with a butter knife; something which has in fact happened and saved lives. Episodes included catching a doctor who attempted to rape her, a father who commits adultery, and helping her roommates deal with their pasts.

One shot from the opening credits. Three other images from MP publicity images.

Undoubtedly one of Alex's prettiest pictures ever. This color publicity image remains one of the fan's favorites.

This is part of the 4-character publicity image shot of Brian, Alex, Joe, and Maria shown above. I recently acquired a larger 8 x 10" version in October 2006 and isolated Alex from the print using a 9600dpi scanner. This very determined look expresses Dru at a certain level. In the actual show, Dru was a bit softer around the edges.

Mercy Point

Metcalf, Sarah

Her character on Homefront in 1991.

Mike Hammer

She played a New York prostitute. There's an amusing quote found on the Homefront Page that's worth remembering.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Five publicity photos from Surf Digital and other media sources. The curly-haired, black dress photos are in character for Jo from the Thanksgiving Day party. The large photo
in the doorway with the "Cranky" workshirt is also of Jo in a drug-induced state. The second and fourth photos are of her more plain, slightly impish twin Davia.

Here's a mini gallery of screen captures I did from the DVD. Click on each image to enlarge. The movie is lit with lots of dark and half-shadowed scenes so captures are
especially challenging. I had to use Photoshop to improve the brightness, contrast, and coloration of all photos

Ocean Park (2000)

One West Waikiki (c. 1997)

Played in quick opening scene on a private boat. She was arguing with a caller while her husband opens a basket of fruit outside. It suddenly dawns on her that the threat made on the phone is related to the basket and up they all go in flames. Not a good scene for the fans but the brief bit of acting is intense and well done. Our video clip is not complete but we believe it aired in 1997.


Pierce, Chrissy (1986)

Her character on the 'At The River's Edge' episode of Spenser: For Hire in 1986. Film credit was as Laurie Wilson, her given name. The Internet Movie Database updated this information in July 1998.

Real Name and Birthdate?

The online Internet Movie Database reported c. 2003 her real name was Laurie Wilson. Alex wrote us (we are 99% sure) in an email that this is incorrect and an old error, repeated in various places. She said her birthdate reported also as 1962 is wrong. I'll take her word for it. That said, three people who claim to have gone to school with her at Chantilly High  and wrote me, say the movie/TV star they see occasionally went by the name Laurie then. One lady and another making no name claims (either way) were organizing their Chantilly High reunion (2000 I believe) and wanted to get in touch with her.

The CHS Yearbook scan (see under Education) shows a girl resembling this classy actress, captioned as Laurie Wilson. Was there a girl (who was also a cheerleader) who looked like Alex at the school around then and named Laurie, that very common last name just being a confusion as we were told? Does Alex have a closely resemblant sister or cousin named Laurie? (We think she's an only chilld). Was this other girl named Laurie born in 1962 and Alex not until some years later (apparently 1965 to 1968)? Is this another Another World-ish plot? Is Laurie/Alex another Jo/Davia acting job? I don't know. You decide for yourself. By any name I enjoy her acting and admire her very subtle, scintillating expressions. You decide.

July 17th as a birth date seems to be in no dispute. The year, whether 1962, 1965, or 1968 is up for debate. Frankly, some of the best, most admired, much-in-demand actresses in Hollywood have a 4 or 5 decades on them and then some. Ageism surely does exist in our early portion of the 21st century with a face like Alex's, there should be no worry. You are what you can pass for. As I see it, If you are a decade younger than your face (as I would argue on behalf of AW), then experience is your advantage over those 10 years less mature and experienced.

Now some years after receiving a number of emails from her apparent classmates, I was directed by a web search to a Forum page on which gave the reports of a "dd" and "sibi" who believed AW graduated with them in 1980 (had a reunion in 2000 at Chantilly HS) and thus had to have been born in 1962 - unless of course she graduated at age TWELVE (b. 1968). I did not save the original emails on the subject so I do not know if "dd" and "sibi" are people who contacted me or not.

You decide. When one enjoys a person's look, their work, voice, proficiency, finesse, and their attitude toward life, age becomes a truly secondary, trivial thing. Jaded Casting Directors and frenetic Executive Producers with bins overflowing with 30-something resumes may not be so kind. I do not discount that. You decide. I plan to be watching Alex do scintillating performances well into the next few decades. Or should I say Laurie?

Romances (alledged)

An anonymous fan sent me these captures from a televised biography about her friend and former roommate Sharon Lawrence.
I believe it was from the E! channel but I've not been able to find tapes of the show anywhere.

Friend and former co-star on Homefront Jessica Steen with Alex at the party. Thanks to Jessica Steen's webmaster for this nice image from People Magazine.

Roommates and Friends

Round Table, The (1992)

Second Civil War, The (1997)

Small Soldiers

Smooth Operator

Spenser: For Hire

Tony Danza Show

A screen capture from an old video with co-star Hudson Leick.

From the show's opening credits.

University Hospital

VIP (2000)

Watts, Josie

Wilson, Elaine

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