Dr. Alfred Sant

Prim Minister


Leader of the Malta Labour Party

Dr. Alfred Sant M.Sc., M.B.A., D.B.A. (Harvard), M.P.,

18A Victory Str



tel :++356 49 57 42


Born: 28th February 1948


1967 B.Sc., Maths & Physics, University of Malta

1968 M.Sc., Physics, University of Malta

1970 Diplome, Institut International d'Aministration Publique, Paris, FRANCE

1976 Master of Business Administration, High Honours, Boston University, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

Specialised in international business and business policy.

1979 Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard Busines School, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.

Specialised in administrative systems, a conceptual approach that aims to integrate managerial perspectives derived from business policy studies, financial control and organisational behaviour. Thesis: ''Problems of government organisation and management in the state enterprises of developing countries.'' Awards: Harvard Business School student scholarships 1975 - 1976; 1976 - 1977. Harvard Business School research fellowship 1977 - 1978, to finance action research for theses.


1970-1975 Served as second and then first secretary at the Malta Mission to the European Communities, Brussels, BELGIUM.

Responsibilities: Malta-EC relations; bilateral economic and political relations with Western European countries to which the Brussels Mission was accredited. Special assignments: negotiations on effects of E.C. enlargement on Malta; renegotiation of Malta-E.C. preferential association agreement to include financial cooperation and new trade concessions; monitoring of international business trends; numerous working trips to Bonn, Paris, Madrid, Scandinavian and Benelux capitals. Resigned in early 1975 to undertake full-time studies in the U.S.A.

1977-1978 Served as advisor on general and financial management at the Ministry of Parastatal and People's Industries, Valletta, MALTA.

1978-1980 Managing Director of Medina Consulting Group, a unit formed to provide business consultancy services in Malta and abroad. Among the assignments which handled directly: a strategic, financial and operational review of a parastatal printing press; a feasibility and financial study for a Maltese-Libyan private joint venture industry; a financial study for a new luxury class hotel commissioned by an investment bank; a projection of the financial p[performance of a telecommunications utility; a review of economic cooperation possibilities between Malta and Algeria; an organisational review of a Malta-Libya state holding company; a macro-economic forecast of the Maltese economy covering the years 1979 to 1982.

1980-1982 Executive Deputy Chairman, Malta Development Corporation. The Corporation is responsible for all industrial development programmes in Malta; at the time, it was also charged with oversight responsibilities for public companies, especially in the industrial sector. Among the assignments that were personally originated and co-ordinated: international investment promotion campaigns covering selected European regions; negotiations with private investors having plant in Malta, or wishing to set up new facilities in textiles, light engineering, electronics, hotels; oversight and control responsibilities over major infrastructural projects being set up by the government, among which a new shipbuilding yard, a new foundry, a hotel, a land reclamation project, a new transhipment harbour, a central pig breeding far; surveys of the Maltese clothing industry and of the research and development functions in Maltese industries; pilot export research projects in the field, with full publication of the results, to stimulate private sector interest in new projects.

1982- Consultant to private and public sectors: chairman of metal fond Ltd., a foundry set up in joint venture between Maltese, Libyan and Algerian interests; chairman of Bortex Clothing Ltd (1982-1984), a private Maltese-Dutch company facing serious restructuring, financial and marketing difficulties; chairman of First Clothing Co-operative lte (1983-1987), the first industrial co-operative set up in Malta. Among other assignments handled: management of a rescue operation on La Nouvelle Co. Ltd, a clothing firm which collapsed financially after the death of its owner; a report to the Minister of Industry proposing a programme for the attraction of Japanese direct investment; advice to the committee drafting the Development Plan 1986-1988; between 1985 and 1987, served as advisor to the Prime Minister on economic and diplomatic affairs, assignments including negotiations in various European capitals on relations with the council of Europe and the E.C., and negotiations with the Catholic Church on a better utilisation of its property holdings; evaluation of proposals for industrial joint ventures in the U.S.S. R., Swaziland etc.


1975-1977: Prepared research papers on Ghana's policies to promote direct foreign direct investment between 1949 and 1970; and on the works and writings of Peter Drucker (for Boston University). At Harvard Business School, co-ordinated a research project to investigate the post-graduation careers of D.B.A. graduands between the thirties and early seventies, inclusive of a computer analysis of the findings. Also prepared research reports on the management and financial control of Soviet enterprises; the career of David Lilienthal, head of the Tennessee Valley Authority; and the linkages between development administration and business management theories.

1978: Served as curriculum advisor in the design of new degree courses at the university of Malta for business management and public administration.

1980: Chaired a committee which made proposals to the Minister of Education for the restructuring of the pharmacy degree course. The proposals were published as a government discussion paper and subsequently implemented.

1982: Chaired the Students' Selection Board, charged with the selection of all incoming students at the University of Malta.

1984-1987: Developed and taught courses in the management faculty of the University of Malta on ''Development Administration'' and ''Public Enterprise Management ''. In the autumn of 1984, taught a module on financial management to bachelor of engineering students.


Covalent charge transfer in III-IV compounds with A.E. Attard, F.A. Mifsud and J.A. sultana (Journal of Physics, London, 1969)

The Structure and Financing of Maltese Public Enterprises

A Paper presented at the Inter-regional Workshop held in Ljubljana,

Yugoslavia, by the International Centre for Public Enterprises. Published in Financing of Public enterprises in Developing countries (ed. Praxy Fernandes, I.C.P.E. Yugoslavia, 1981).

Public Enterprise Policies for Wages and Remuneration Paper presented to an expert group meeting held at Ljuhljana on remuneration policies in public enterprises, in October 1982.

Excerpted in Public Enterprise, Vol3, no.2, 1982 (I.C.P.E., Ljubljana).

The State Enterprise Sector in the Government Systems of Mediterranean countries Paper presented at the seminar on Alternative Strategies for the Development of the Mediterranean Region organised in Naples, Italy by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNITAR and IASM, October 1983.

Organisational training and development in a new state airline Paper commissioned for the resources development in international workshop on 'Human resources development in public enterprises in developing countries', organised in Kwala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 1984, by I.C.P.E. and the Asian and Pacific Development Centre.

Setting the Parameters for the Viability of Public Enterprises Paper presented to an expert group meeting in Karachi, Pakistan, organised by the Pakistan national Development Finance Corporation, the Pakistan Development Banking Institute and I.C.P.E. in June 1985. Published in Elimination of Waste in Public Enterprised in Developing countries (ed. Ben hadj Alaya, Pakistan, 1987)

The relevance of organisational development to state enterprise systems in developing countries Paper commissioned by UNDP for presentation to an expert group meeting it held at Amman, Jordan, in December 1985.

The Case against E.E.C. membership in the E.E.C in the Eighties -- Malta's Place in an enlarged community (Institute of Bankers, Malta 1981).

Development and Control in southern Europe in Orwell 1984 (ed D. Massa, University of Malta, 1984).


Read, write, speak Maltese, Enlish, French, Italian

Read, Russian, German


1982 - 1992 Chairman, Department of Information, Malta Labour Party

1984 - 1988 President , Malta Labour Party

1987 - Member of Parliament (Malta Labour Party)

1987 - 1988 Editor, Il-Helsien, Official weekly of Labour Party

1992 - Leader, Malta Labour Party

1984 - 1988

Chairman, Guze Ellul Mercer foundation, an educational joint venture between the M.L.P. and the General Workers Union.

1988 - 1989

Chaired a Malta Labour Party working group evaluating the options for future relations between Malta and the European-Community from the economic and social perspectives. The report of the working group was published in Malta u s-Suq Komuni: Il-Qasam Ekonomiku u Socjali a book which was subsequently translated and also published in English. On behalf of the Malta Labour Part participated in congresses and international meetings of the Socialist International, the Confederation of Socialist parties of the E.C., and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Bonn, Paris, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Brussels, Dakar & Lima.


Wrote press articles in Maltese and English, plays, novels and short stories in Maltese. Published ''Min Hu Evelyn Costa?'', (a collection of plays); the novels ''L-Ewwel Weraq tal-Bajtar'', ''Silg fuq Kemmuna'', and ''Bejgh u Xiri'',

''L-Impenn ghall-Bidla,'', a collection of essays; and the political chronicle 28 ta' April, 1958

Editor ''Tomorrow'', a monthly English language magazine (1982 - 1985) and of ''Society'', a quarterly opinions magazine