More pictures!!

From  Dave Warmington.
These pics are of lesser quality!

About to be jammed! Asshole one Asshole two
Barf 1 Barf 2 Snotty, beam him down.
I can't breathe in thing Mr Coffee! Dark Helmet & Sandurz!
Dot! No please not that! Trouble with the radar sir!
Radar jam The radar, sir. It appears to be....Jammed Spaceballs Logo
Oh. That's all we needed, a Drewish princess. LoneStarr They've already got
her in their magnetic beam
Checking in?  Gimmie paw. "Perrier Salt-Free Air."
Rescue Sergeant Rico? King Roland
Scratch Charlene & Marlene Pizza is gonna send out for you.
Soldiers I hate it when I get my Schwartz twisted. Barf & Lonestarr
Hail Skroob! Princess Vespa Winslow
The Vulcan neck pinch How many Assholes we got on this ship, anyhow? Lone Starr,Barf, Vespa & Dot
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