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Update : September 17th ,1999


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Nicolas CageWindtalkers : According to Variety, John Woo has agreed to direct Windtalkers, a large-scale WWII pic which he hopes to draft his Face/Off star Nicolas Cage. The story focuses on an unlikely friendship between two soldiers at a time when the Japanese were deciphering U.S. codes. MGM president Michael Nathanson says "The Marines came up with the idea of using the Navajo language, which is so complicated that, other than full-blooded Navajo, only 12 people could speak it. The Native Americans were given battle-hardened bodyguards who were assigned to protect them; but, if the Navajos were under threat of capture, the bodyguards’ job was to kill them to protect the code".  Woo wants Cage to play the bodyguard.

Bamboozled : Michael Rapaport will star in the upcoming Spike Lee movie Bamboozled. There are negotiations with Damon Wayans, Jada Pinkett and Savion Glover for the rest of the cast. Rapaport will also star with Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding in Navy Diver.

X : Men : James Marsden (Disturbing Behavior) will play the role Cyclops in X-Men, for director Bryan Singer. The other cast includes Patrick Stewart,Ian McKellen,Dougray Scott,Famke Janssen and Anna Paquin.

Charles Crichton Dies :The British director Charles Chrichton (A Fish Called Wanda) has died at the age of 89. His son David Crichton told that he died after a short illness.

 Update : September 16th ,1999

Kevin CostnerFor the Love of the Game : It is reported that Kevin Costner is angry with Universal Pictures because they cut his full-frontal shower scene in For Love of the Game. Costner told Newsweek that the studio lacked "real courage" by insisting that the film have a more kid-friendly rating. But a studio executive told New York magazine that a test audience in Arizona gave a thumbs-down to Costner's manhood. ""The audience giggled at Kevin's penis . . . . Then, in focus groups, they said, 'Do we really need to see Kevin Costner's penis?'"

Dr. T and the Women : Goldie Hawn has signed to play on-screen mother to her real-life daughter Kate Hudson in the upcoming Robert Altman film Dr. T and the Women. Hawn will play the wife of Richard Gere's character, a gynecologist going through a midlife crisis; Hudson will play their cheerleader daughter. Other cast include Helen Hunt, Liv Tyler, and Tara Reid.

Charlie's Angels : Entertainment Weekly reports that the Charlie's Angels cast is shaping up, with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz signed, and the final contenders for the third Angel including Thandie Newton, Penelope Cruz, and Lauryn Hill. Bill Murray has been offered the role of Bosley, but has not yet committed.

 Update : September 15th ,1999

Meg RyanProof of Life : The Hollywood Reporter reports that Harrison Ford and Meg Ryan have been offered the lead roles in the upcoming drama The Proof of Life. The story follows a male negotiator who flies to Colombia to negotiate the release of a captured US corporae executive, but in the process falls for his wife. The script went out to the pair last week to see if either party is interested.

The Fight Club : NY Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink reports that in recent interview Brad Pitt talked about the film and said "the best work I've ever done." He then went a step further and said, "And it's definitely the best work [director] David Fincher has ever done."

Man On The Moon : The full trailer for the new Jim Carrey movie Man On the Moon is now online. Carrey is playing the real life story of comedian Andy Kaufman.

"Man on the Moon" Full Trailer (8.5Mb, MOV)

 Update : September 14th ,1999

The World is Not Enough : The full trailer for the new James Bond movie is released. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

"The World is Not Enough" Full Trailer Lo-Res (2.7Mb, MOV)

"The World is Not Enough" Full Trailer Hi-Res (6.4Mb, MOV)

The Others : Since Nicole Kidman signed on to star in and Tom Cruise to produce this film,there's been a lot of speculation going around about the plot of this movie. According to the Spanish press the film tells the story of a woman whose husband is away fighting in the army, while she lives with their two children alone on an island in the North Sea. The film's director Alejandro Amenabar (Open Your Eyes) has revealed that it will be a horror film in that underlying creepy style of The Omen and Rosemary's Baby.

 Update : September 13th ,1999

Patricia ArqueteWeekend Box Office : Gabriel Bryne and Patricia Arquette starrer Stigmata pushed The Sixth Sense out of the top spot in its sixth week. Kevin Bacon starrer A Stir Of Echoes came third. Runaway Bride and Bowfinger were 4th and 5th.

This Weekend
Last Weekend
1 Stigmata $ 19,300,000 2,899 1 $ 19,300,000
2 The Sixth Sense 17,000,000 22,896,967 2,782 6 198,154,000
3 Stir of Echoes 6,200,000 1,888 1 6,200,000
4 Runaway Bride 3,900,000 6,742,783 2,773 7 140,527,000
5 Bowfinger 3,700,000 5,882,810 2,390 5 60,503,000
6 The Thomas Crown Affair 2,900,000 4,697,661 1,849 6 61,559,000
6 The Thirteenth Warrior 2,900,000 6,601,306 2,283 3 26,686,000
8 Mickey Blue Eyes 2,300,000 4,329,332 1,975 4 30,354,000
9 Chill Factor 1,900,000 4,529,231 2,558 2 9,571,000
10 The Blair Witch Project 1,600,000 3,350,886 1,937 9 136,142,000

Gold Lion for Jerry Lewis : Jerry Lewis received a Golden Lion from the Venice film festival for his career achievements. Lewis said `You must have time to laugh. It helps us get through Sarajevo and the stupid things politicians do.It is the most important thing". Asked about his serious side, he said: "I'd rather be considered funny. Everyone is too damned serious. I like to be funny and silly." He praised Oscar-winning Italian funnyman Roberto Benigni and listed Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel as his idols.

 Update : September 12th ,1999

Matt DamonDogma : The trailer for the upcoming comedy Dogma is released. The film stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Linda Fiorentino,Chris Rock, Alanis Morisette, Jason Lee and Salma Hayek and directed by Kevin Smith. It is the story of two renegade angels trying to return to Paradise.

"Dogma" Full Trailer (10Mb, MOV)

Juliette Lewis Weds : It is reported that actress Juliette Lewis married professional skateboarder Steve Berra. The marriage is the first for both of them.





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