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Alddin and the Lamp

The Story

Aladdin is a street urchin who dreams of riches. He wants to get off the streets and live in a palace.

Jasmine is a Princess who wants to get out of the palace and live the life of a normal woman.

Fate steps in and the two meet on the streets. Princess Jasmine Aladdin is convinced to venture into the cave of Wonders to retrieve a magic lamp which holds a genie. The Genie grants Aladdin 3 wishes for saving him from the lamp. Aladdin decides to impersonate the rich Prince Ali (with the help of a Genie), in order to woo Jasmine for his wife. After battling, and conquering, the evil sorcerer Jaffar,Aladdin is allowed to marry Jasmine.

With his final wish, Aladdin sets the Genie free and they all live happily ever after....well until the return of Jafar in the next movie anyway.


Abu The Genie Playing at being Einstein

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