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The film starts out with a narration by Charleton Heston, who, with the help of the mythical Muses retells the tale of the god Zeus saving humanity from a trio of marauding demons sent by Hades. Once the monsters are imprisoned, presumably forever, Zeus and the other gods of Olympus go about their partying ways -- which leads up to the birth of a curly-haired, golden-skinned Hercules. Hercules, son of Zeus and Hera is destined to one day take over Olympus and assume his place as the guardian of the Earth.

Hades,is a wise-cracking, sarcastic evil-doer,and has other plans in mind. After a particularly long night of partying, which leaves the gods of Olympus in a deep sleep, Pain and Panic are dispatched by Hades to make young Hercules a mere mortal - via a black magic potion conjured up by The Fates - and dispose of him permanently. The plan is only partially realized. Baby Hercules doesn't drink all the potion - a tiny drop remains in the vial - but nonetheless becomes mortal. Pain and Panic bug-out double-time, and Zeus and Hera -devastated by Hercules' fate - dispatch their infant to Earth where he will be raised a mortal.

On Earth, young Hercules is raised by a pair of kindly farmers, Alcmene and Amphitryon and sheltered from nearby villagers suspicious of the boy's god-like strength. Gangly, clumsy and shy, Hercules is a typical teenager who desperately wants to fit in, but doesn't know how. With the blessing of his adoptive parents, Hercules embarks on a journey to the Temple of Zeus. There, he confronts a statue of the great god -- asking to know who he really is and where he came from. As you might expect, Zeus shows himself and tells the boy of his true heritage but omits details about his unfortunate status as a mortal. When pressed for information, Zeus tells Hercules he will be re-admitted to Mount Olympus once he's proven himself a "real hero." From there, Hercules seeks out the services of "Phil," trainer of "real heroes" and voiced by Danny DeVito. Phil, initially relucant, accepts young Hercules as his student and soon whips him into shape. Together, they head for the countryside, with a beefed-up Hercules doing his hero gig whenever necessary.muses Soon, he is a local legend. Hades, who has been planning for 18 years to ransack Earth and imprison the gods, learns that Hercules is alive and is, well, rather ticked off by that news. The god of evil begins plotting Hercules' downfall, and requisitions the "help" of the beautiful Meg(Visit my Meg Page). With Meg's help, Hades steals Hercules' powers and begins his assault of Mount Olympus after freeing the monsters formerly imprisoned by Zeus.

...And that is all I am going to share for now, as this is a new movie and I would hate to ruin it for you!

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