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The Story
The story begins in Paris, as a boat load of gypsies try and sneak into the city. They are caught by the evil Judge frollo who chases a gypsy woman through the streets while she is trying to escape. The woman falls and dies. Frollo reaches for the bundle the woman was protecting and finds a mis-shapen baby. As he is about to drown the child in a well he is stopped by a Priest of the Cathedral Of Notre Dame. As penance for the murder of the mother, Frollo is charged with looking after the child. He names him Quasimodo which means half formed and locks him in the bell tower to perform the function of the bell ringer.

The child grows up hidden in the bell tower away from the public eye. Frollo convinces Quasimodo that he is a monster. As time passes Quasimodo becomes a man, and falls in love with a gypsy girl, Esmerelda. He keeps it as secret from Frollo who hates all gypsies and has tauught Quasimodo to do the same. Esmerelda embarasses Frollo in public, and as a result he hunts her down, and in a bout of revenge hurts and kills many innocent people.

Phoebus, the new captain of the guards (home from the crusades), refuses to kill the innocent, and as a result is wounded by Frollo and left for dead. Esmerelda saves him from the river and takes him to Quasimodo to recover. Esmerelda realises that she is in love with Phoebus. Quasimodo, seeing Esmerelda kissing Phoebus, realises she will never love a hunchback and Quasimodo's heart breaks.

When Esmerelda is taken by Frollo and sentenced to burning at the stake as a witch, Quasimodo performs a daring rescue, sailing down the walls of the cathedral and taking the girl inside for sanctuary. He then, with the help of his friends the gargoyles , defeats Frollo.

Quasimodo realises that Esmerelda loves Phoebus . He gives them his blessing. The film ends with Quasimodo coming out of the bell tower and being accepted by the people of the city.

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