Nia Peeples Biography - Part 2

The writers patterned the role after her. Nia stayed with the show 2 1/2 years from 1984 - 1987.

Along the way she was getting featured in local and national magazines, including the ever

popular teen magazines. "Fame" was a series that enabled Nia to develope and showcase all

her talents: singing, dancing, and
acting. Nia left the series because
she'd gotten film offers, but the
producers wouldn't allow her time
off to do other projects, while at the
same time her character wasn't
being developed into her 3rd season
on the show. The producers not only let her out of her contract, but
went a step further and had her character killed off in a drunk driving
accident. After "Fame", Nia made her 1st feature film, the surfing
movie "North Shore". She returned to TV as host of an american
version of the long
running british music
show "Top Of The
Pops". While hosting
the show, she recorded
her first album for
"Mercury", "Nothin But
Trouble". Her 1st single,
"Trouble", became a
#1 hit on the dance
charts. She appeared
on a Disney special showcasing
new talent, and even appeared
on the ledgendary "Soul Train".
She played before 150,000 in
Germany with Phil Collins and
Roxette. Thruout these live
appearances, she was joined
by her sister, Cynthia dancing
and singing backup. Nia also
had a song on a movie soundtrack
for a film very much like "Fame"
called "Sing". A second feature film
soon followed, a science fiction film
"Deep Star Six". Nia also made
several appearances as a guest VJ
on MTV. Those lead to a regular role
as host of "MTV's Friday Night Street
Party". Nia's acting rolls continued
with TV guest spots and she played a
model in the TV movie "Swimsuit". A
recurring role as a cops wife followed on the series "Nasty
Boys". She was married in 1989 and had a son, Christopher, but the marriage
only lasted 4 years. In
1990 she was picked
by Arsenio Hall to host
a late nignt dance
music show "The Party
Machine With Nia
Peeples", to follow his
popular talk show.
Initial ratings were strong, but the show only lasted 6
months. That experience gave her more national
exposure and feature articles in "People" magazine
and "USA Today". Once again, while taping the show, she spent weekdays recording her 2nd
album for "Charisma". The self titled album was released in 1992. Nia's talents also extended
to song writing and she had one of her songs recorded by "Pepsi & Shirlie". Her music also
appeared in the films "Licence To Kill", "The Cutting Edge", and in two popular TV series
"Melrose Place", and "One Life To Live" Nia also recieved "Billboard" and "Cashbox"
awards including"Best New Single", and "Best Choregraphy". In 1992 she also
appeared in her 3rd feature film
"I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore" with
the popular "Seinfeld" star Jason
Alexander. Nia also had a major
role in the TV mini-series "Return
To Lonesome Dove". In recent years
Nia Has focused on acting, making
TV guest shots, including a popular
appearance on the series "Highlander". She has made several TV movies and pilots. two of
those pilots resulted in short lived series: "Courthouse" in 1995, and "Crises Center" in 1997.
In 1997 she did a "Disney" TV movie
"Tower Of Terror". She also expanded
her talents by producing and directing
a short film "Treading Water", and
writing a TV pilot "Educating Annie".
Nia also had a role in the long awaited
sequel film "Blues Brothers 2000". In
November 1997, Nia married Lauro
Chartrand, a stuntman. The couple met
on the set of "Bloodhounds 2". In 1998
Nia made a TV pilot for Arron Spelling.
November 1998 brought the birth of Her
2nd child, a girl, Sienna Noel. Through
the end of 1998 and the begining of
1999, Nia co-hosted the PAX TV series
"It's A Miracle" with Richard Thomas.

1999 started on the last 2 seasons as an Sydney Cooke on the hit
CBS series "Walker ,Texas Ranger". The film "Half Past Dead" with
Steven Segall soon followed. After "Walker" Nia has made TV series
series pilots and guest appearances and filmed 2 films and voice work on her first animated
film, all soon to be released. She is currently co- hosting the make over series "Pulled Over"
on the Style network.

Nia Peeples is truly a multi-talented performer.

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