Anna Chlumsky Interview about Gold Diggers


By Emily Forster:


Most 14-year-olds do not get a thrill out of watching black and white

movies, but actress Anna Chlumsky is an exception.


"I love...anything in black and white. Just put it on the TV, I´ll watch

it," she said."I love old movies, I love old musicals and I love Eddie

Cantor and his gold digger films. It's kind of ironic."


The irony Chlumsky mentions comes from the fact that she starts as the

misunderstood tomboy, Jody, in the soon to be ralated coming-of-age film

"Gold Diggers."


Best known as Vada Sultenfuss from "My Girl" and "My Girl 2", Chlumsky met

with The Bruin at the Four Seasons to discuss her character in "Gold

diggers" and her career.


She wanted the part of Judy for many reasons, but two stuck out in her mind.

"Jody was the kind of person I never played before. Plus all the stunts

really appealed to me, so I wanted to get on this project!"


The film loosely based on Mark Twain´s classic novel "The adventures of

Huckleberry Finn" required stunts that would have scared some actors and

actresses, but Anna Chlumsky found them fun, not frightening.


She particuarly enjoyed the stunt in which she and co-star Christina Ricci

were directed to swing over a gorge on a rope in a Tarzan-like fashion!


"It was better than SIX FLAGS. You kind of felt like you were flying because

all that you were connected to was the rope. It was very neat and safe, too,

so you felt fine", said Chlumsky.


Although she enjoyed swinging on ropes as much as her character, Chlumsky

made it clear taht she and Jody do not share important character traits. "We

both love the outdoors and we both are very adventuros. But I don´t steal

and I don´t beat people up. I´m not exactly like her." Despie the difference

between Chlumsky and her character, she was the first choice for the role.

But Chlumsky was as eager to play as the film´s producers were because she

is not usually considered for roles that she likes.


"Everyone thinks of me as Vada. They all still think, I´m really little, so

they keep offering me...kid´s stuff", said Chlumsky. But Anna is not

fretting over the recent absence of interesting projects. "It´s just kind of

a hobby for me, just like if I were on the softball team" Most hobbies,

however, do not give a teenager national attention. Anna Chlumsky is still

learning how to deal with the publicity.


Finding her face on posters and book covers, for instance, is just beginning

to feel comfortable to Chlumsky. "It´s kind of weird because in the pictures

and stuff they fill in some stuff that they don´t like, like your teeth.


It´s funny when you first see the poster and you want to pick out the stuff

that´s different, but you get used to it after a while. It´s just, oh,

that´s me! It´s kind of cool after a while"


Seeing reviews of her acting also took Chlumsky awhile to accept, but now

she has her own philisophy to help her deal with the publicity. "I don´t let

it bother me too much if someone doesn´t like me. I just figure there´s no

accounting for taste. It´s not me, it´my acting. It´s like if someone

doesn´t like someone´s food, they just don´t like my acting".


And acting is not a big priority in Anna´s life at the moment. "Right now

I´m just thinking about school and trying to get those grades and keep them

up!" Chlumsky is currently pondering a career in biology since she doesn´t

want to rely on the eye of the public. She has learned from the black and

white movies she loves, like "Sunset Boulevard", a film in which the main

character´s life turns pathetic after loosing a prestigious film carrer. As

Chlumsky said "In case I become a Norma Desmond when I grow up, I can have

something to fall back on!"