Short interview about Trading Mom


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On screen, she has quickly gone from being motherless, in My Girl, to having

a stepmother, in My Girl 2, to swapping mothers, in the outrageous Trading

Mom. In real life, thank goodness, things are a bit more stable for Anna

Chlumsky. At 13, this eight-year veteran of show business knows the

advantages of having a mom and a manager rolled into one.


EW: Has your mom ever done anything that made you think about trading her


Chlumsky: She was late once to pick me up and I was really mad... actually

she's late all the time.

EW: How did you start out - did you just go to your mom and say, "I want to

be an actress"?

Chlumsky: I started modeling when I was 10 months old, so, really, I've

always been doing it.

EW: Are you goint to stick with acting?

Chlumsky: I think I want to do it until college - then I want to be a

paleontologist. I love dinosaurs.