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brigette bardot - the french actress admitted in a biography that as a youngster she was often caned, and also refers to once recieving fifty whacks for breaking a vase of her mother`s. the same story was also told by a french journalist on a tv documentary called the real brigitte bardot. (enter for text from biography and documentary)

britt ekland - in her biography, true britt, the swedish actress mentions how she was often spanked by her father because of her rebellious nature, and also that she was, in her words, "thrashed" by her father for staying out until the early hours with some graduation students. (enter for text from biography)

barbara cartland - the writer recieved one spanking from her father while growing up. in an unauthorised biography the following text was featured. - only once was bertie driven to spanking both barbara and ronald. it was ronald`s birthday and barbara had been forbidden to go to his room and talk to him before they was called. she not only disobeyed but together they tried to light the gas and in doing so ronald fell into the round tin bath which had not yet been emptied. after the beating polly was so furious that she threw ronald`s birthday present, a copy of the bible, on his bed saying: "here is your present." and slammed the door. barbara was packed off to bed: "until you learn how to behave."

cilla black - the british singer/television celebrity confessed in a weekly newspaper feature called schooldays: "i was a natural show off and must confess to experiencing six of the cane twice at school." (enter for clip from newspaper article)

cleo lane - the singer recalls in her biography getting the cane at home and from the headmaster at school. she mentions regularly playing truant from school and going to the park, but was found out when the schoolboard man visited her house. her mother kept a cane hanging over the mantlepiece but it was there mainly as a deterent, but this time she felt the full brunt of it as well as the headmaster`s who caned her on the hand. she also mentions regularly being invited into the headmaster`s study for canings on the hand for lateness and not being silent when silence was required.

catherine cookson - in her autobiographical memoir, our kate, the famous writer talks about her catholic schooldays and her fear of a particular schoolmistress called miss corfield. she mentions how miss corfield would inflict physical and mental pain, the physical with the assistance of the cane and the mental with sarcasm. she later goes on to explain that the mistress had a 4ft long cane with a frayed tip, caused by use, and she would be told to hold out her hand for usually 3 strokes and sometimes more.

cher - in her book called, the first time, the american singer/actress mentioned that: "my mother was a spanker." and she recalled an incident when she was told she couldn`t walk her friend home, and decided to walk her to the end of the road instead. meanwhile her mother had been standing at the door calling her, and when she returned was given "the mother of all spankings."

dolly parton - the american country singer/actress tells in her biography that she was regularly spanked on her behind with a switch and a belt while growing up at home. she also refers to the threat of getting the paddle, in her own words: "getting a board across our butts." (enter for text from biography)

in a book called, glamour blondes, by david evans, there was a mention about life on the partons family farm. it was stated that discipline was rough and readily administered.

*when being interviewed on, the south bank show, dolly told interviewer, melvyn bragg, "my parents were never abusive, in fact we didn`t get our ass busted nearly as much as we should have. my father, when he did whip us he whipped us a little too hard but it wasn`t like dangerous kind of abuse, but mother, she would just swat and smack and get out of here.

dorothy dandridge - in a biographical book about the american actress, her sister recalls their childhood and how their aunt, who they were told to refer to as, ma-ma, was in charge of the discipline and dished out regular spankings. she recalls that, dottie, was the one who recieved the most spankings from, ma-ma, which were administered to the buttocks with a hairbrush, sometimes with the flat side and sometimes the bristled side. she also mentions that they were sent to a public school where they were quickly told that if they were late they would be spanked.

dyan cannon - in a book called, carey grant - a class apart, there was a mention about the divorce hearing between, grant, and american actress, dyan cannon. and it stated that during the hearing, dyan said that grant had screaming and shouting episodes, and had spanked her. also in two other books about carey grant it tells that during their divorce proceedings cannon explained that grant had spanked her in front of their servants.

estelle skornik - the young lady who is well known in the uk for her appearances in a series of tv commercials advertising renault clio motor-cars admitted in a magazine interview that at school she was once given a bare bottom spanking over her teacher`s knee in front of the entire class. (enter for magazine interview)

fiona phillips - the british tv presenter admitted on a chat show and it was also reported in the press that in her schooldays she was often told to bend over and spanked on her behind with the slipper by a schoolmaster. (enter for press reports)

felicity kendall - in her biography, felicity kendall - white cargo, the british actress recalls recieving corporal punishment at her convent school in india. she explains how she was made a class prefect and that her position of authority went straight to her head. she would hold meetings and recruit members that during break times would tease and bully some of the children from poorer families that were in different classes and wore different uniform. she goes on to explain that this regretable behaviour was eventually noticed by the staff and she not only suffered the embarrassment of losing her prefects badge, but had to recieve several hard strokes to the palm of her hand with a wooden ruler from her teacher in front of her entire class. she said that her teacher was quite rightly livid about it and struck so hard that the ruler broke on the third stroke. she said that the pain was terrible but not nearly as terrible as the humiliation, and mentioned that her appetite for bullying was extinguished after that. felicity also recalls a couple of punishments she recieved on the domestic scene. she described how her nanny would wash her wig and leave it out to dry in the sun, and she took the wig and ran off with it and her nanny chased her and smacked her bottom for it. she also mentions that the only time her mother lost her temper with her she took a mason pearson hairbrush to her bare bottom, and added that what ever it was she did she didn`t do it again.

grace slick - in the american rock singer`s biography, somebody to love, she recalled that if she didn`t get straight A`s on her school report card, her mother would "beat on my butt about 20 times with the wooden side of a hairbrush." she also added that because they wore so many peticoats in those days it didn`t hurt quite as much as her mother thought.

julie walters - on the clive anderson chat show the british actress admitted being beaten by nuns in her schooldays, julie was telling anderson how the nuns at her school reacted to her northern accent and at the same time she was holding out her hand and acting out taking some whacks on it, anderson asked her: "so you were beaten by nuns?" julie then replied: "yes." julie was expelled from her grammar school and according to one of my site visitors caned on the bottom.

joanna lumley - in her memoirs, stare back and smile, the british actress recalling her childhood, mentioned that she and a friend once cut off their fringes with a pair of scissors, and she got her bottom smacked for it but her friend didn`t.

kiri te kanawa - in the classical musician`s biography it was mentioned that while growing up her mother, nell, would administer physical punishments for serious misbehaviour with a large wooden spoon or a belt.

latoya jackson - in her biography the american singer mentions being spanked while growing up, she also mentions the use off a switch.

michelle pfeiffer - in a magazine article about the american actress she said that sometimes she would skip school and go down to the beach and when her father found out he would spank her for it.

martina navratilova - the czech/american former world number one tennis player admitted in her biography that while growing up, when she was very bad, her father would put her over his knee and spank her, and sometimes he used a ruler. she recalls her two biggest spankings, one for going to her friend`s house after school without telling her parents and arriving home late when it was dark, for which she mentions being spanked very hard, and another for calling one of her neighbours a cow. she also mentions that her mother sometimes smacked her but commented: "she hurt her hand more than my butt."

marsha hunt - the american actress/singer/novelist, recalls in her biography being punished at school with a ruler. she mentions having to hold out her hands and being whacked on her palms by a nun for punching a boy who tried to kiss her in the playground. and one day when she walked into a class and down the aisle to her seat, the priest warned her that she was `switching`, this meaning that he thought she was rolling her behind from side to side. the priest then told her to walk down the aisle again, and after she did-so he said that she was still doing it. she was then told to come to the front and asked to hold out her hands and was whacked on the palms with a ruler in front of the entire class.

oprah winfrey - the american chat show host has mentioned in a book, a newspaper article, and on her show that she was often spanked on her behind with a switch by her grandmother while growing up.

petula clark - in the british singer/actress` biography, it mentions an incident as a child when she was "soundly spanked" by her mother after being caught harpooning pickled onions from a jar with a knitting needle she had stolen.

ruby wax - on the american tv presenter`s show called, ruby, one of her guest`s was explaining a time she nearly got expelled from school, ruby responded by asking if she was ever spanked with a hairbrush? and before anyone could answer she said that she was spanked on her behind with the bristled side of a hairbrush.

reba mcentire - on the roseanne chat show, the american country singer talked of her growing up years in southern USA, and she spoke about her strict father, and that if you misbehaved you would "get your butt busted or reprimanded." roseanne replied "you were beaten with a bullwhip or something." reba replied "we had a buggy whip."

shirley temple - the famous american child star actress admitted in her biography that as a child she had to bend over and bare her behind and her mother spanked her with a wooden yardstick. she also commented: "that was the first spanking she gave me but certainly not the last." shirley also recalls in the biography her spanking in the film, wee willie winkie. on the film set when the directors were wondering what to do next, shirley`s watching mother suggested: "why don`t you get her spanked? even i`ve spanked shirley." (enter for biography text)

sarah miles - in her book called, right royal bastard, the actress explains that she recieved regular spankings from her mother with an antique silver hairbrush, she also mentions how it burned long after the spanking had finished and that her mother once spanked her so hard that she bent the handle of the hairbrush, after that she said that her mother replaced that brush with a sturdier wooden one.

tammy wynette - the american country singer admitted in her biography that when she was growing up she got spanked with a belt on her behind at home. in the book, stand by your man, she says that her mother done most of the disciplining and that her father whipped her only three times, but mentions that they were three whippings she would never forget. she also describes the time when at seventeen her boyfriend returned her home from a date half an hour late, her mother told her to never see him again because he doesn`t even have enough respect for you to return you home on time. there was then an argument with tammy saying that if you say i can`t see him i will marry him. her mother replied that`s the stupidist thing i have ever heard and at that moment she picked up a belt and hit tammy with the buckle end. tammy then recalls that her mother then gave her the whipping of her life which she said at seventeen hurt her pride as much as it did her backside.

tanya tucker - in her biography, nickel dreams, the american country singer mentions being spanked by her parents. she mentions how she would sometimes refuse to go to bed when told to and eventually her father would end up having to spank her. she also recalls a time when she covered herself with blood from the dog`s meat and ran in and told her parents that the dog had bitten her, her father panicked and suggested shooting the dog until he found out she was playing a prank, tanya explained in the book that "mother and dad thought it was about as funny as a heart attack, and they whipped my butt for it."

whitney houston - the american singer/actress commented in her biography that her father was basically a softy but did spank her once for as she put it: "running off at the mouth."

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