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catherine zeta-jones - to publicise her appearance on the mtv show `ten of the best` the welsh actress was photoghraphed looking stern and bending a school cane. ten of the best is a show where different celebrities come on each week to pick out their ten favourite songs.

davina mcCall - in a newspaper article about the british tv presenter holidaying in the south of france with footballer stan collymore, the following text was featured. - as they topped up their tans collymore jokingly tried on her bikini top and the couple spanked each other on the backside with a bat.

*emily symons - in a newspaper article a former lover of the australian actress explains how he and emily had a mutual agreement that he would spank or cane her if she misbehaved, which he did numerous times. this was a part of their relationship that he said they both enjoyed very much. (enter for picture and article text)

geri halliwell - ginger spice from the spice girls said in a newspaper interview: "i`d love to spank every member of parliament - and be a headmistress!" there was also a picture with the article of geri dressed as a schoolgirl holding a cane. (enter for newspaper picture)

jenny mcCarthy - the american model/actress was presenting the 1998 mtv europe music awards, and when introducing the group, aqua, she said: "the band we`re about to see next are so damn perky i wanna put em across my lap and spank em." jenny also administered a swat of the paddle each on tv to 3 fraternity pledges, and she told them to "thank sister jenny for each one." (enter for film footage)

liz hurley - the british actress made an admission which was reported in the newspapers that her favourite party game is having to bend over and let different people smack her behind and have to guess who it is. also in a newspaper article about a relationship between liz and movie producer william annesley, it mentions that he told a group of businessmen who were interested in investing in a movie he was planning to make: "we liked a bit of spanking. elizabeth liked to spank me then have me spank her. spanking is an english public school thing i suppose. nothing vicious, just a hand or the back of a hairbrush on the bare bottom."

madonna - the american singer/actress sang in one of her songs called hanky panky: "some girls they like candy, others they like grime, i`ll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind. treat me like i`m a bad girl, even when i`m being good to you, i don`t want you to thank me, you can just spank me."

priscilla presley - i once read in a newspaper feature about the relationship between priscilla and the rock legend elvis presley that he sometimes liked her to dress up as a schoolgirl and spank her when she was bad. whether priscilla herself enjoyed this or not was not made clear.

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