by Cissy Houston

Doubleday Books
New York 1998

Cissy was a well known singing star in the 1950’s, She is also the
mother of Whitney Houston.

(page 45)

(reffering to cissy`s mother)
"If she was angry, you didn’t know it," remembered my sister, Anne. "And I know there were times that she should have been angry …" You never heard her yelling at us. She would punish us or spank us - but even then that was not in a loud, boisterous way. The disciplining she left to my father."

(page 76)

"We used to play church a lot," Anne laughs. All we knew was church,
so that was our pastime. But if my father caught us, it was on."

(page 77)

My father heard the commotion, came in the room and figured out what
happened. "I told you about playing church," he said. And then we got

(page 100)

But I did sneak into the Green Lantern. Oooh, I could dance and I
played all the records I could and ate potato chips in that place
until Reebie caught up with me. I got a good beating for being in that
place. But I never fought her. … it was unthinkable to raise a hand to
my sister…"

(page 101)

… I was really happy to be back at my father’s house, even though it
took a beating to get me there.

(page 169)

(Cissy speaking of her own children)
Gary flinched at my threat. But he made no move toward the other boy.
"You don’t believe me!" I howled. I grabbed him by the arm, spun him
around and started whacking his butt with my free hand.

I made John the gentle, more lenient parent. I tended to be the
disciplinarian, so I told him to be the softie. He looked confused and
couldn’t understand why I was doing this. "They need someone to go to
after I whip their butts. Let’em run to you."

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