Faith Brown, Comedienne and Impressionist

Monocle magazine, January 1999 edition

Faith recalls her first impression

"my first impression, I did Sister Gertrude at school," Faith recalls. "I hated her. She was tall, skinny, hump-backed, buck-toothed, dreadfuly ugly and put the children through hell. I ran to assembly one day and she shouted "Irene Carroll!" - that was my name then - "Can't you pull your brassiere any tighter? You're wobbling up and down and the men can't take their eyes off you!" A venomous, witch-like voice cracks the air - it's Sister Gertrude and she's terrifying. You hate her too". But it's Faith's hearty laugh which reassures you. "I got her the following day She was standing on the rostrum, wearing her old-fashioned habit ringing her bell like Quasimodo, and I stood behind her, emulating her. The girls were killing themselves laughing. Then she swung round and I got six of the best!"

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